Japanese Hand Pruners

Japanese manual pruners (shears) are professional quality tools that have a very deep history in Japan. Japanese gardens have been developing for over a thousand years and together with these the precise tools to do the job have also developed. These razor-sharp blades are used in the best world-famous Japanese gardens.

The manual pruners produced in Japan certainly offer other companies like Felco a run for their money. If you are tired of using the same old pruners, then you should try these easy-to-use professional-quality pruners.

Japanese gardening tools differ from your run to the mill Big Box gardening tools because they are designed with the intent to support a traditional secular art form. The cheaper tools won’t last long and you will end up spending more in the long run. Okatsune is a brand of Japanese manual pruners (or Sentei Basami in Japanese) which are the most popular because of the solid design and reasonable price. They are designed as a solid and light pruner that offers a perfect cut with ease. They are available in three different sizes, depending on the size of the hand, although the recent large sizes have been developed for larger hands, they are quite difficult to find.

Garden shears are often used when you need a little more precision, for example when you carve Japanese black pine trees. On the other hand, when a branch is too thick, loppers should be used. But in general, hand pruners can handle a good sized branch and probably the tool most used by the professional Japanese gardener.

This is the first choice of professional gardeners in Japan. They are both light and have a razor sharp solid steel blade that will last a lifetime if used properly. Japanese landscape companies use a combination of different lengths to prune and shape the various gardens they work on. The solid safety clip at the bottom also prevents them from accidentally opening.

When looking for authentic Japanese manual pruners, it is important to find a company that has direct ties to the original manufacturer in Japan. A company with direct links to suppliers in Japan can offer you the best prices available for these professional quality garden tools. With care they will last a lifetime, saving money from having to repeatedly buy replacement pruners. The use of the Okatsune leather sheath with these pruners also ensures easy access and a more secure and enveloping fit.

Serene Gardens, based in Grand Island, New York, offers a variety of quality Janese hand pruners and other garden tools at affordable prices.

by Joshua M. Smith, Ph.D.

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