Jan Koum Grew Up On Food Stamps And Now Owns More Than $400

Jan Koum became a billionaire in 2014 when Facebook paid $ 14 billion for an app he co-founded. By then, many people in the United States had not heard of WhatsApp, but today, it is no stretch to say that most people know what WhatsApp is. In the event you don’t, WhatsApp allows people to send text messages, photos and group chats to anyone in the world for free, regardless of their location, carrier or phone operating system. Sales of WhatsApp to Facebook made Koum, who grew up on food stamps, and his co-founders very, very, very, very wealthy. Today, he has a net worth of $ 12 billion, appears to have retired, and appears to be spending his time with a huge and incredibly expensive portfolio of real estate in California. In the past two years, Koum has purchased $ 400 million worth of real estate, mostly in Malibu. Good for him, but one wonders why a man needs so many houses close to each other?

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Jan was born into a Jewish family in a small town outside Kiev, Ukraine. The Kaum family was very poor and there was no hot water or heat in their house. His father was a construction worker and his mother was a housewife. When he was 16 years old, John and his mother moved from Ukraine to Mountain View, California to flee the growing anti-Semitism movement in their country. He rented a small two-bedroom apartment and his mother worked as a babysitter to meet the babysitter. Jan worked on the floor in a nearby grocery store while attending high school. Welfare depended on food stamps to be obtained by Jan and his mother. When he had time, Jan taught himself how to program a computer using books at a local used bookstore. Jan enrolled at San Jose State University and worked as a part-time security engineer and systems analyst at the school. One of the companies she was working for was Yahoo. In 1997, Yahoo co-founder David Philo persuaded Koum to drop out of college and work for Yahoo full-time because he was so impressed with Koum’s talent. One of the people Koum met in his new full-time job was Brian Acton. The two together found WhatsApp. To cut a long story short, Koum saw the first iPhone and immediately understood that apps would be the next big thing. He launched WhatsApp in 2009. On February 19, 2014, Facebook announced Google’s $ 10 billion bid, along with its $ 14 billion bid.

Koum’s first significant real estate purchase since he became a billionaire was in 2015 when he bought what is now a relatively modest $ 8.8 million property. Well, it is modest compared to the properties that he bought in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Koum’s first major real estate purchase appears to be a $ 80 million compound he built in the summer of 2019 in the northern city of Atherton in California. Atherton is one of the wealthiest cities in the US in July 2019, with “Variety” reporting that the community suffered a massive loss of about $ 80 million, including five lots where homes were either torn down or completely rebuilt. Was prepared from The land alone is valued at $ 57 million. The compound is 5.6 acres. He spent $ 20 million to build a brand new custom home. There are six buildings on the property, with a separate 10,000-square-foot, two-story garage specifically built to house Kaum’s famous car collection.

In September 2019, Koib dropped $ 100 million on a mansion in Malibu. The 14,000-square-foot clifftop mansion is located atop Paradise Cove beach, one of the most desirable areas of Malu. This was his first home in Malibu.

In September 2020, Koum paid $ 125 million for Jeffrey Katzenberg’s 27,000 Beverly Hills estate.

Then, in February 2021, Koib dropped $ 87 million on another house in Malibu. The property was owned by the late Kenny Rogers in the 1980s. Koum bought the property from entrepreneur Diana Jenkins. Koum is now the owner of Malibu Real Estate alone for $ 187 million, spread over about seven acres, with more than 100 feet of ocean. His newest home has a beachside cabana, with a retractable roof, wet bar, fire pit and built barbeque.

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