James Marsden & Idina Menzel Confirmed To Return In Enchanted 2

Legendary songwriter Alan Menken confirms both James Marsden and Idina Menzel are returning for Disney+’s long-awaited Enchanted 2.

Legendary songwriter Alan Menken confirms James Marsden and Idina Menzel will be back for Enchanted 2, or Disenchanted. Amy Adams became a household name with the release of 2007’s Enchanted, a bubbly movie that put a modern spin on the typical Disney fairytale. Adams played Giselle, a young woman straight from the Walt Disney Princess playbook who falls through a magical well and lands in present day New York City, where fairytales are far from real. Enchanted was a hit upon release, grossing over $340 million worldwide and earning positive reviews. Rumblings of a sequel began in 2010, but the actual product has been slow to arrive.

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Despite interest from those involved, Enchanted 2 struggled to get off the ground due to various changes with directors and script drafts. Adam Shankman boarded the project as director in 2016, taking over from initial helmer Anne Fletcher. It still took several more years to move forward from there, and for a while, no updates arrived. Finally, last year’s Disney Investor Day brought the confirmation that Enchanted 2 is officially titled Disenchanted, Adams is returning as Giselle, and the film will be a Disney+ exclusive.

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Now it sounds like Enchanted 2 is making real progress, and it features several more returning faces than initially reported. Menken, who wrote the music for the first Enchanted and will be back for the sequel, recently did an interview with JLGB Virtual. When asked for any teases about Enchanted 2, Menken said he couldn’t reveal much aside from “It’s really good.” He added, “It’s filming. Amy Adams is in it, Patrick’s in it. Idina Menzel’s in it… Jimmy Marsden. They’re in it.” This is the first time Menzel and Marsden have been confirmed for the movie.

Enchanted Nancy and Edward get married

In Enchanted, Marsden played Giselle’s Disney prince Edward, who goes through his own journey when he travels to New York to find his onetime bride. Menzel was Nancy, the girlfriend of Patrick Dempsey’s Robert. In a twist of fate, while Giselle and Robert found love together, Nancy ran off to the fairytale world of Andalasia with Edward, and the two were last seen getting married. If fans have ever wondered if Nancy and Edward made it as a couple, they will evidently find out in DisenchantedFor his part, Dempsey has already confirmed his return, so much of the original cast is now set for the sequel.

Plot details for Disenchanted are still being kept under wraps, but Menken did reveal they’re filming now. Dempsey previously said they were aiming to begin in the spring, so perhaps the timeline has been moved up. Either way, Enchanted 2 is finally making some real progress, and more information could be revealed soon. Menken has had his work cut out for him with Enchanted 2, which is said to have even more music this time around. In short, there’s a lot to be excited about, so fans should get ready.

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Source: JLGB Virtual

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