James Charles Accused Of Flirting With 16-Year-Old Fan

James Charles is being accused of exchanging flirtatious messages with a 16-year-old fan. New evidence shows that this fan made his age clear.

Makeup artist, YouTuber, and social media influencer James Charles is being accused of allegedly sending flirtatious messages to a 16-year-old fan who is now trying to prove that he made his young age clear during their interactions. Over the years, James has become one of the most successful beauty influencers on YouTube. At just 21 years old, James has accumulated 36 million followers on TikTok, 27 million followers on Instagram, and 25 million subscribers on YouTube. Considering his massive social media following, James went on to host his own digital reality competition series on YouTube, Instant Influencer, which premiered in April 2020 on the video-sharing platform.

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Unfortunately, James Charles’ rise to fame has included quite a few scandals along the way, many of which have come from the way that he acts toward certain celebrities and fans that he appears to be interested in. In May 2019, YouTuber Tati Westbrook shared a 40-minute video where she accused James of, among other things, attempting to “trick” straight men into being interested in him. Since then, James was also found leaving a few suggestive comments in response to certain celebrities that he seemed to be attracted to. Now, the YouTuber is involved in yet another scandal.

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These new allegations against James Charles have come from a 16-year-old boy who identifies as @jakecherryy on TikTok. The original shared videos were deleted from @jakecherryy’s profile, but they were reposted by @defnoodles in a series of tweets (all included below). In these clips, one finds several messages that were allegedly sent by James Charles to this 16-year-old over a long period of time. During their alleged interactions, James even appeared to wish a happy birthday to @jakecherryy, who made his 16 years of age clear to the YouTuber. Also included in the reposted clips were alleged messages sent by a seemingly angry James Charles as he talked to @jakecherryy after their alleged interactions were leaked.

As seen below, James Charles issued an initial response to these new accusations and the social media backlash that followed in February 2021. He called these allegations “completely false” and pledged to “ask to the see the ID or passport of every guy” that he starts a conversation with on social media from now on. And yet, @jakecherryy’s accusations are once again trending on Twitter and on other social media platforms. This week, Variety reported that James Charles would not be brought back to host the Instant Influencer series. While YouTube cited different reasons as to why they aren’t bringing James back to host the show, many fans are assuming that these claims are the main reason behind it.

Considering that James Charles has addressed this situation in the past, it isn’t clear if he will apologize again or take further action. He seems to be dismissing these claims altogether, but new screenshots have contributed to the escalation of this situation.

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