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Jair Bolsonaro Net Worth: Jair Bolsonaro is a Brazilian politician with a net worth of $ 500 thousand. In 2018, Bolsonaro was elected President of Brazil. Zaire became an officer in the Brazilian Army before retiring and entering politics. Prior to his election as president, Bolsonaro worked in the country’s Chamber of Deputies as a representative of Rio de Janeiro.

Zaire’s military career was highly controversial, and at one point he was accused of planting bombs within various military installations. He also got into trouble with the Brazilian Supreme Military Court after writing an article criticizing the low pay of military officers in the nation, although he was acquitted of all charges.

Bolsonaro began his military career in the late 80s with the City Council of Rio de Janeiro. In the early 90s, he was elected as a member of the lower house of Congress. At this point, Zaire began giving voice to strong national conservative views. Among other things, Jair opposes homosexuality, same-sex marriage, abortion, affirmative action, drug legalization and all forms of secularism. In terms of economics, Bolsonaro has given strong support for liberal and pro-market policies. He is often called “far-flung populist” by the media, although he was extremely popular in Brazil during his first few years in office.

After announcing his candidacy in 2016, Jair was elected as the President of Brazil in 2018. Shortly thereafter, Bolsonaro filled his cabinet with several army officers, and several current politicians signed in opposition to the new president. After taking office, Brazil recovered from an economic crisis and the crime rate fell. Eventually, Bolsonaro abandoned the Social Liberal Party and formed a new party called the Alliance for Brazil. Zaire questioned the validity of Kovid-19 and refused to implement quarantine measures. As the death toll in Brazil increased, public support for Bolsonaro declined sharply.

early life: Jair Messius Bolsonaro was born on March 21, 1955 in Galleiro, Salle Paulo. Raised in a family of Italian and German heritage, Zaire often roamed in childhood. His family lived in places such as Ribeira, Jundia, and Sete Barras until 1966 to establish roots in Eldorado. He grew up with five brothers. Jair got his first name from Jair da Rosa Pinto, a famous local footballer who was born on the same day as Bolsonaro.

military career: Zaira entered the Brazilian Army’s official Prep School as soon as her high school began. By 1977, he graduated from the country’s main military academy as an artillery officer. His superior officers called the young Bolsonaro “aggressive”. In the mid-late 80s, Jair began studying at the Officers Improvement School, learning about advanced artillery techniques. During this time he was interviewed by “Veja” magazine and complained about low military pay.

This helped him gain popularity among fellow officials and right-wing people, but as a result, Zaire faced numerous charges and legal issues. He was accused of planning a bomb in military installations, although he was eventually acquitted of all wrongdoing and allowed to continue serving in the military.

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political career: By 1988, Bolsonaro was elected as the representative of the Christian Democratic Party in the city council of Rio de Janeiro. He used his new location to raise awareness for military issues, although he barely participated in most political matters. Zaire was then elected as a federal deputy in 1991, making him part of the Brazilian National Congress. At this point, Bolsonaro had become an outspoken conservative.

In 2018, Jair joined the Social Liberal Party. The party adopted right-wing and conservative approaches, which suited Bolsonaro’s platform, and he ran for the presidency in elections later that year. After a runoff election that saw him win by 55.13% of the votes, Jair was officially the new President of Brazil. During his campaign, he was killed by a socialist claiming to be “on a mission from God”.

In 2019, Bolsonaro was officially sworn in as President. He faced many issues, including the Kovid-19 crisis. During this crisis, Jair confirmed that he had tested positive for the disease. He had previously claimed that the disease was not too lethal that the common flu is, and he vowed to focus more on the country’s economic recovery rather than dealing with the epidemic. For other reasons, it reduced his popularity to its lowest level, despite that he was quite popular at the beginning of his tenure.

Zaire describes himself as a “right-wing” politician, despite widespread accusations that he is “far-flung,” “populist,” “nationalist,” or even “Nazi.” He supports the right of the police to use deadly force and the right of the citizens to wield weapons. In addition, he is strongly opposed to a wide range of leftist policies, including same-sex marriage and drug legalization. One of the most defining features of Bolsonaro’s presidency is his complete disregard for tribal groups in the rainforest, removing many of his protections and allowing vast swathes of land to undergo deforestation.

Relationships: Zaire Bolsonaro received three wives during his life, resulting in five children. Previously, he married Rogeria Nantes, and the couple had three sons together. His second wife was Ana Christina Valle and the couple had another son before separating. In 2007, he married his current wife – a woman named Michel de Paula Fermo Rinaldo. The pair had a daughter. Mitchell proved to be the source of much controversy, as Bolsonaro hired him as a secretary, working in Congress. He later received several promotions and had to pay before the jeers were forced to publicly incite him. As of 2018, he and Bolsonaro lived together in Rio de Janeiro.

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