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Why is Jaipur the Best City for a Destination Wedding?

Why is Jaipur the Best City for a Destination Wedding?

You surely know of a destination wedding, n’est ce pas? It is when you host the wedding party, reception and the activities at some exotic place and not exactly where you live. You heard of people getting married in front of the Taj Mahal. That’s a mini destination wedding as well, we would say.

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Jaipur has been a traditional favourite for these weddings. Even before people invented the term, destination wedding. There are more reasons to choose the pink city than not. Let’s recount the obvious reasons once more.


Many of the renowned Palaces are available on rent for these weddings. Even some of the hotels in Jaipur city are converted palaces so yes, the venue for the wedding is as regal as it gets. Not only it can host a large number of attendees, but it gives your guests to check out these palaces in greater detail. The venue being absolutely gorgeous is the first condition of every destination wedding and Jaipur offers ample choices to choose from, in this regard.


No, your options are not limited to Rajasthani foods alone. Because even the half-decent hotels in Jaipur city offer multi-cuisine lunch, dinner, and buffet. Obviously, when you are arranging for a destination wedding, you would want to serve multiple cuisines. Including Continental, North Indian, Rajasthani, and Mughlai. Almost every hotel would serve you, experienced chefs, for each of these cuisines. Let your guests lick their plates.

Location (& transportation)

You would know it already, Jaipur is one of the most well-connected cities in India, even if your guests are coming from abroad. Most international airlines connect directly to Jaipur. Also, they connect to Jaipur via Delhi, and you can find these flights online, multiple of those. The domestic flights are always available, maybe because it is a popular tourist destination. Moreover, it is well connected with the rest of India by roads as well. So, there is absolutely no problem for your guests to reach the location.

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Bridal dress and make-up

The most amazing Mehendi (henna) artists you would have ever seen are from Jaipur. They are simply amazing and have a good idea of theme and personal preferences. They will invariably come up with something gorgeous yet befit your thoughts.

Coming to the dresses for the bride and the groom, Jaipur has several leading fashion designers and fashion boutiques for both the sexes.

Wedding Decor

To match the mood, the food, and the budget, you need matching props and décor. Because these hotels and the event managers arrange these weddings for a living. They have the best ideas on how to make any wedding event memorable. They will match the theme with their props and décor so seamlessly that you will lose yourself.

On this same note, to find a good caterer is half of the work done and there are several excellent caterers to choose from. The caterers’ available here are extremely well trained, presentable, fluent in English and know all the etiquettes. You can hire the local workforce even if there are foreigners in your invitation list.

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Believe us when we say it, Jaipur is one of the lowest costing destination wedding locations in India. Probably due to the immense popularity of this place. There are venues for every budget, and you will find something which fits your budget perfectly. A destination wedding is surely costlier than a local wedding. Even if the latter is done lavishly but the cost can vary greatly. Jaipur allows the flexibility of budget which every father would want.

Considering all these advantages, we would say, give Jaipur a try. If you are planning for a destination wedding for yourself or your kid. It is an exotic location by itself. Your guests would simply cherish the idea of a few leisurely days in Jaipur.

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