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Jaguar F-TYPE: A Sedan That Redefines the Norms of Luxury

Jaguar F-TYPE: A Sedan That Redefines the Norms of Luxury

Jaguar F-TYPE: It was in the year 1886 that the first modern car was invented. Since then there has been no looking back. Brands have come up with all kinds and types of cars. Because cars no longer remain a means of transportation. But also a way to make a statement and experience luxury living.

Most recently, Jaguar, the renowned British luxury car brand, launched another one of its stunning beauties. The Jaguar F-TYPE Sedan. This Sedan, with its entrancing exteriors and exhilarating performance, is one that can redefine luxury for you.

Jaguar F-TYPE
Jaguar F-TYPE

The F-TYPE is a sedan styled sports car that is available as a Coupé and a Convertible. It offers you the choice of a turbocharged four-cylinder or the supercharged V6 or V8. So, it’s a perfect combination of stylish appeal and dynamic performance.

To tell you more about this beauty, let’s share some of its other excellent features-

Experience Smooth Riding and Handling

Along with stunning you with its athletic and stylish looks, this luxury sedan will also impress you with its exceptional responsive control and agility. Its rigid chassis, aluminum double-wishbone suspension along with, with sophisticated Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) system. All promise to make your driving experience as smooth as silk.

Moreover, this sporty sedan also has an ‘All-Wheel Drive system,’ which consists of intelligent Driveline Dynamics. This gives F-type perfectly poised performance, guaranteeing confident and comfortable handling for you, on all types of road surfaces. This system is optional on the variants F‑TYPE and F‑TYPE R‑Dynamic but is standard for F‑TYPER and F‑TYPE SVR. Together this makes Jaguar a perfect sports car for you.

Enjoy the Luxury of Choice

To suit different kinds of driving style and preference, Jaguar offers its patrons the choice to select various crucial aspects related to their luxury car. Its variants come equipped with three different types of engines (turbocharged four-cylinder, supercharged V, and V8 performance) and three types of the braking system, so you can choose what suits you.

However, no matter which engine type you choose, your car will enjoy high levels of torque, ensuring that you enjoy spirited performance just the way you like it.

Leave Your Impression

If you love the idea of turning heads as you drive off, then with F-TYPE you’ll do just that. The F‑TYPE, fitted with Active Sports Exhaust, produces a crescendo by allowing exhaust gases to get released through a more direct route through the rear silencer. This produces a more exhilarating sound, adding to the thrill of driving a sports car.

Also, the Switchable Active Exhaust*, allows the manual opening of the exhaust valves at all engine speeds, thus creating a stirring soundtrack.

Experience the Best of Technology

F‑TYPE, engineered with advanced driving technologies, promises tighter turning and reduces understeer. It also has torque vectoring that gives the sedan controlled independent braking of the inside front and rear wheels when cornering, and The Electronic Active Differential* that manages torque delivery for each rear wheel.

To add to the technology quotient, the Adaptive Dynamics* feature of the car analyses the road and your driving style and accordingly modify F‑TYPE’s response. This ensures optimum stability to the moving car.

Enjoy More Than Just Driving

A drive in this sedan will be as enjoyable as comfortable. It is fitted with a Touch Pro in-car infotainment system that is most advanced and responsive as ever created by Jaguar. Standard in every F-TYPE, it also features a touchscreen of 25.4 cm. So, enjoy comfortable driving at its best with music, movies, or whatever it is that uplifts your mood.

Insure Your Luxurious Beauty

So, if the features of this Jaguar beauty got you hooked and you’re planning to own one, then wait no more and buy yours soon. However, at the time of buying, make sure that you also purchase car insurance online to keep your luxury car safe and secure. Having car insurance will keep you covered against any damage or loss to your vehicle, any third-party liability that may arise or expenses arising due to a personal accident of owner-driver.

You may buy car insurance online from any reputable insurers like tataaig.com that offers as many as 13 add-on benefits. These include cover for emergency transportation and accommodation, roadside assistance, no claim bonus protection, and several other such benefits. All this will ensure comprehensive security for your car, which it rightly deserves owing to its price and brand value.

So, buy Jaguar F-TYPE and enjoy luxury at its best. However, remember to stay safe and insured too!

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