What is Jaden Smith’s net worth?

Net value:$ 8 million
Born:July 8, 1998
Native country:the united states of america
Wealth :Professional singer / rapper
Last update:2020


Jaden Smith is an American actor, singer, rapper, songwriter; and son of famous actor Will Smith and model Jada Pinkett Smith. Jaden has been in the theater world since playing in The Pursuit of Happyness at a very young age with his father.

In 2020, Jaden Smith’s net worth was $ 8 million.


Jaden Smith was born on July 8, 1998 in Malibu, California. Her father is of course the famous actor/rapper Will Smith, and her mother Jada Pinkett is an actress, singer and dancer.

Smith has an older half-brother Trey and a younger sister Willow, who is also a singer.

Jaden attended the New Village Leadership Academy, but ended up being educated at home by his parents. He had always been interested in theater, with his very first role playing Christopher Jr. in The Pursuit of Happyness.


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It wasn’t long before Jaden starred in box office movies. After The Pursuit of Happyness, he was cast in The Day the Earth Stood Still and starred in The Karate Kid.

A few years later, he also starred in a film called After Earth with his father also playing a leading role. However, outside of comedy, Jaden turned particularly to song / rap. His very first song recorded with Justin Bieber, which was called “Never Say Never”.

Since then, Smith has recorded several songs, launched his own clothing line, and has even partnered with the spring water company Just Water. And all this at the age of 19.

In 2020, Jaden Smith’s net worth is estimated at $ 8 million.

Strong points

Here are some of the highlights from Jaden Smith’s career:

  • The pursuit of happiness (2006)
  • The day the Earth stopped (2008)
  • The Karate Kid (2010)
  • Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (2011)
  • After Earth (2013)

Jaden Smith’s Favorite Quotes

“Be careful with how you view the world, as they will perceive you for the rest of your life.” – Jaden Smith

“Having girlfriends is … I can’t do it.” That doesn’t mean that I don’t spend time with girls. It just means that I don’t like being in a relationship because it makes it very complicated. The only advice I listen to adults – because I don’t listen to adults when it comes to most things – is that I’m too young to have a girlfriend. ” – Jaden Smith

“Before, I was not really honest with the girls, then I dropped a song called” Starry Room “, and then I started to shoot a new sheet.” – Jaden Smith

“My dad once told me he was like, ‘The only time you should lie is when someone holds a gun on your head and says,’ Okay, lie or I’m going shoot you. And it really stuck with me. “ – Jaden Smith

“I’m going to watch movies I love to see, interviews with Steve Jobs, something that will make me smart and then fall asleep.” – Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith transformation video


Jaden Smith had already followed in his father’s footsteps from an early age and has since pursued a diverse career before he even turned 20. In addition to singing, rapping, playing and being involved in several businesses.

In 2020, Jaden Smith’s net worth is estimated at $ 8 million.

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