J.Lo Sued for $150k Over Instagram Pic

J.Lo Sued for $150k Over Instagram PicJ.Lo Sued for $150k Over Instagram Pic

J.Lo Sued for $150k Over Instagram Pic
J.Lo Sued for $150k Over Instagram Pic
  • Jennifer Lopez is being sued for $ 150,000 on an Instagram photo.
  • The photo in question was published in 2017.

The world may be hiding at home right now, but apparently the celebrity lawsuits aren’t on leave. According to E! New, Jennifer Lopez is being sued for posting a photo on Instagram without the photographer’s permission, and it seems a bit messy.

The photo in question seems to be that of Jennifer dressed in Shades of blue Harlee, and was posted on June 22, 2017. According to court documents obtained by E!, photographer Steve Sands has taken the original image, and is claiming an excess of $ 150,000 in damages for copyright infringement.

By the trial (which is against the two J.Lo and production company), “The defendants have not licensed the plaintiff’s photograph for their website, nor do the defendants have the plaintiff’s permission or consent to publish the photograph on their website. “

The lawsuit was filed by attorney Richard Liebowitz, who recounts E! New, “This is an example of celebrities using photographs without permission to make themselves known on social networks. The number of likes that photography receives coupled with their number of subscribers to social networks is a tool to market their publications.”

I guess we’ll see what’s going on, but for the record, this isn’t the first time that J.Lo has been sued for a photo. She was also sued for $ 150,000 for posting a photo of herself and Alex Rodriguez holding hands in an Instagram story in 2017.


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