It’s now possible to Keep track of someone’s Instagram activity

With over a billion users, Instagram is one of the most sought-after social media platforms. It has evolved beyond just posting and liking others’ pictures; today businesses also use Instagram to their advantage.

Instagram is rich with many features and capabilities, but the platform does not have much to offer when it comes to tracking others’ activities. And with its recent updates, you will no longer be able to see what your friends or competitors are doing on Instagram directly from the platform. So if you are wondering how to see what someone likes on Instagram, let us share with you an amazing way out!

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If you have not heard about it already, the Snoopreport app can help you in this matter. Snoopreport is a handy application that gives you detailed reports about people’s activities on the platform. Whether you want to analyze your competitor’s activities for business development or wish to keep an eye on your near ones, Snoopreport can help you with all of it.

Activity tracking on Instagram

Instagram is an excellent choice for spreading the word of your business as it has billions of users, with new accounts being added every day. Previously, there was an activity section in the app, but that feature was removed recently, leaving no in-app options for tracking. This led the creators of Snoopreport to come up with this useful application from where you can get all the required data. Detailed reports are generated from this application.  it is one of those tools that prove to be a helpful investigator.

Snoopreport is an excellent application for businesses that wish to target a particular audience with their new products or upgrade their existing stocks. It works as an effective market analysis tool. Snoopreport can be useful for individual users too. You can follow trends and track what your friends or partner is doing on the platform.

How does Snoopreport work?

Snoopreport collects all the data that are available publicly on the Instagram platform. It means you can use its services even if you do not have an Instagram account or are not logged in. You would not also have to follow an account to track its activity on Snoopreport. You would have to add the account you want to track on the application, and that is it. But remember that it cannot follow any locked account; it only works on publicly open accounts.

The data that you get on the Snoopreport application is 100% accurate. Snow report does not send any notifications to the target profile. Which means the Instagram profile you are tracking would never know about the activity. You will get all the information on your dashboard, and after monitoring the same, you can even delete it. It will leave no trace of the tracking.

So if you want to track any Insta user, whatever might be your purpose. Download and check out Snoopreport right away.

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