IT Workers Enroll In Specialized Courses To Boost Pay

  • For specialized skills, IT companies and tech startups are the sectors offering a salary hike of around 10%.
  • For the candidates who are skilled in emerging technologies, the hike in salary can move up from 20% to as much as 100%.

Considering the situation created by pandemic, the increment of professionals is stagnant or even negative. But the increment is around 15% for the ones who are “super-specialized”. There are “future-ready skills” that provide secure careers, along with enabling innovation and transformation in society.

Employees are required to equip themselves with skills related to emerging technologies so as to survive in the world that is increasingly connected, automated, and optimized through human-machine collaboration.

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This is the reason for the increasing number of candidates choosing for training and certification in different courses.

One such certification that is becoming one of the most favorite candidates in IT is TOGAF. TOGAF or “The Open Group Architecture Framework” is a developmental methodology that is used by enterprises to plan and design their IT architecture.

When it comes to salary, TOGAF certified professionals earn up to USD 137,092 on an average, according to PayScale.

That’s a whopping amount!

Let’s dive deep into what is TOGAF certification and the benefits of taking TOGAF training.

What is TOGAF?

Developed in 1995 by The Open Group, TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) is an award-winning enterprise architectural framework. There is a predefined set of rules for organization development that are framed to help large-scale enterprises attain developmental objectives in a quick and cost-effective approach.

The framework guides an organization about how to create, interpret, analyze, and utilize various elements and res with a single strategy. In other words, it helps organizations to design such an IT infrastructure that easily adapts to meet their requirements and enables simple interaction between departments using a clearly defined terminology. With this, the TOGAF professionals design and implement the strategy in a quick and effective manner along with a reduction in wasteful errors.


Some of the world’s largest and most powerful organizations use TOGAF. Hence, TOGAF certified professionals often get a sizable boost in salaries. You might be wondering how a single set of guidelines is so profitable. Let’s see how.

TOGAF takes a top-level approach to the framework and enables an enterprise to plan, design, implement, and control its enterprise architecture, so Enterprise Architects are required to set a clear vision of what their organization is advancing towards. EAs are divided into four domains which are data, technology, application, and business.

TOGAF offers such solutions to businesses that enable them to establish clear ROIs, proper communication, and optimal perspective to blend everything under one strategy.

Moreover, TOGAF is at the top of its game even after more than 25 years of its establishment. And, according to the former Open Group president CEO Allen Brown once stated that “TOGAF is a work in progress”.

Reasons for getting TOGAF Certification

TOGAF is beneficial for both businesses and enterprise architects. Let’s see how.

TOGAF for Businesses

  • Common Language

This framework has established common vocabulary to make the communication easier for between and within the organization. This becomes beneficial when you need to ensure that the process of architectural development goes smoothly.


  • Creating processes for future development

There is a set of clearly defined processes that are offered by TOGAF’s ADM or “Architecture Development Method”. The ADM establishes an effective approach to enterprise architecture that is mobile enough to be adapted for independent organizations. Such an approach, while crafting, appears to be difficult, but when it is implemented, the experience can make the future development of architecture go easy. This can help organizations to create such systems that can be deployed again and again.


  • Provides greater efficiency

With the help of TOGAF, it is easy to develop clear paths for developing enterprise architectures. It provides all the tools that are essential for developing a functional EA framework. It is optional to pay for this type of guidance, but it is possible that not taking this might result in a wastage of time and res.



Firstly, there is a high demand for skilled and trained TOGAF professionals because top companies require them to build frameworks that can set global standards. TOGAF is a budget-friendly certification. In addition, it can boost up your salaries considerably. The majority of large scale enterprises trust certified candidates. By adding a certification on your resume, you can prove that you are trained by industry experts and are tested by industry-recognized boards, and also you have mastered the concepts pertinent to the field.

So, it enables you to explore new opportunities and you can go to any sector such as banking, healthcare, retail, and other industries.

Every company wants to get the tasks done with the least possible time and effort. TOGAF teaches you this principle. It trains you to accomplish your tasks efficiently so that you can reduce the company’s time and investment thereby increasing its profit. This implies that you can meet your company’s demand better.  If you get the certification, you can demonstrate your skills and knowledge to the company, as it serves a mark of trust. In a TOGAF certification, you are trained with both the technical as well as managerial aspects of IT, so it proves to be a stepping stone for managers. Apart from designing IT infrastructure, TOGAF professionals can also work on their managerial skills.

You can understand new trends in the industry, develop contacts, and share your ideas to prove TOGAF principles, hence improving networking opportunities.



You have come across the advantages of TOGAF; it is advantageous for both the businesses and the enterprise architects. To get certified, you can go with online training courses made available by accredited online training institutes. Apart from making your study hassle-free, it gives you flexible learning hours and trains you according to the level of your knowledge. Also, there are doubt-sessions carried out by industry experts.

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