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Is Walmart Plus Worth It? A Look Into Membership Costs & Benefits

Everyone knows the incredible benefits you get with Amazon Prime, including two-day shipping and access to crazy deals on Amazon Prime Day. But now it looks like Walmart has its own membership benefit program up its sleeve – and it’s cheaper too. Here’s what we know so far about Walmart +.

What is Walmart Plus?

The multi-channel discount retailer known for its affordable products in grocery stores, clothing, electronics and more is slated to launch a new membership program, Walmart +, later this month. New service to cost members $ 98 per year, an interesting comparison with Amazon Prime’s $ 119 annual fee. Although Walmart has yet to publicly announce news about Walmart Plus, the retailer already has a teaser page stating that the program is “coming soon”.


How does Walmart Plus compare to Amazon Prime?

Several s told Recode that Walmart Plus would offer benefits similar to those of competitor Amazon Prime, such as:

  • Same day delivery on groceries and general merchandise
  • Walmart Gas Savings
  • Early access to sales and promotions

    At first glance, the alleged benefits of Walmart + already seem to be inspired by Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime currently offers same-day delivery for select items for an additional fee, as well as access to special sales that only Prime members can take advantage of.

    However, being exclusively online, Amazon has no discounts on gasoline to offer, and is $ 21 more than its brick and mortar counterpart.

    The advantage of Walmart grocery delivery is interesting because it already offers its own grocery service that delivers the same day or the next day, so we’re curious to see what this benefit really entails once launched.

    Amazon launched its Amazon Prime membership program in 2005, so they had more time to develop a sense of loyalty and trust with its 112 million users. However, Walmart recently announced that it had raised $ 524 billion in revenue for the year. Once we know more about Walmart +, we will be able to identify other possible pros and cons of the service.

    A Walmart spokesperson did not immediately respond to Good Housekeepingrequest a comment. We will update this message as soon as we have more information.

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