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Is Social Media Ruining Our Lives, Or Are We?

Highly confident people believe in achieving their potential. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else believe you? To walk with Swagger and improve your confidence, watch out for these fifteen things that over-confident people don’t do.

And if you want to know the difference between a proud person and a confident person, then watch this video first:

1. They do not make excuses.

Highly confident people take ownership of their thoughts and actions. They do not accuse work of negligence for traffic; They were late. He does not make short excuses with excuses like “I don’t have time” or “I’m just not good enough”; They to make Time and they keep improving until they don’t are doing Enough.

2. They avoid talking horror.

Extremely confident people do not let fear dominate their lives. They know that the things they are afraid of doing are often the same things that they do need They are meant to do in order to develop in person.

3. They do not live in a bubble of comfort.

Highly confident people avoid comfort zones, because they know that this is a place where dreams die. They actively pursue a feeling of discomfort, because they know that stretching themselves is essential to their success.

4. They don’t close things until next week.

Highly confident people know that a good plan has been implemented today Executed is better than a great plan some day. They do not wait for “the right time” or “the right circumstances”, because they know that these reactions are based on fear of change. They take action here, now, today – because that’s where progress happens.

5. They do not pay attention to the opinions of others.

Very confident people do not get caught in negative feedback. when they do Care about the well being of others and aim to make a positive impact in the world, they No Stuck in negative thoughts that they cannot do anything. They know that their true friends will accept them as they are, and they do not concern themselves with the rest of the people.

6. They do not judge people.

Highly confident people have no tolerance for unnecessary, self-exploited drama. They do not feel the need to insult friends behind their backs, participate in gossip about fellow co-workers or cajole people with differing opinions. They are so comfortable about who they are that they have no need to look at other people.

7. They do not let the lack of res stop them.

Highly confident people can use whatever res they have, no matter how big or small. They know that all things are possible with creativity and refusal to leave. They do not yearn for failures, but focus on finding solutions.

8. They do not compare.

Highly confident people know that they are not competing with any other person. They compete with someone other than the person they were yesterday. They know that everyone is living such a unique story that comparative illustration would be an absurd and simple exercise in vain.

9. They do not enjoy pleasing people.

People with extreme confidence are not interested in making everyone they meet. They know that not all people get along, and that’s how life goes. They focus on the quality of their relationships, rather than their quantity.

10. They do not require constant assurance.

People with extreme self-confidence need not hold hands. They know that life is not fair and things will not always go their way. Although they cannot control each event of their lives, they focus their power to react positively which drives them forward.

11. They do not escape the uncomfortable truths of life.

Highly confident people face life issues at root before the disease can spread any further. They know that leaving unknown problems is multiplying by several days, weeks and months. Rather they may have uneasy conversations with their partner, who rely on risk rather than sweeping an uncomfortable truth under the rug.

12. They do not leave due to minor set-backs.

People with extreme self-confidence are saved from falling down every time. They know that failure is an unavoidable part of the development process. They are like a detective, a discovery that explains why this approach does not work. After revising their plan, they try again (But better this time).

13. They do not require anyone’s permission to work.

Very confident people take action without hesitation. Every day, they remind themselves, “If not me, who?”

14. They do not limit themselves to a small toolbox.

Highly confident people do not limit themselves to Plan A. They use any and all weapons at their disposal, continually testing the effectiveness of every approach, until they identify strategies that provide the most results for the least cost in time . And effort.

15. They do not blindly accept what they think of the “truth” on the Internet, without thinking about it.

Extremely confident people do not consider articles on the Internet to be true because some authors “say so”. They view each and every article from the lens of their unique perspective. They maintain a healthy skepticism, use any material that is relevant to their lives, and forget about the rest. While such articles are a fun and interesting thought-exercise, highly confident people know that they are the only ones with the power to decide what “faith” means.

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