Is Mario Going to Die Today? Here Is What Nintendo Actually Has Planned

Let’s get right to the point. No, Mario is not going to die. Nintendo is not getting ready to kill off its cash cow. Nor are they gearing up for some crazy PR stunt, much like when DC Comics killed Superman in the 90s or Planters killed Mr. Peanut during the 2020 Super Bowl. The video game company is merely discontinuing a couple of Super Mario Bros. titles, which sent the internet to speculate wildly that the iconic plumber was being killed off.

This all started last month when Nintendo sent a reminder to players that Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Super Mario Bros. 35, both of which were released last year to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Mario, were set to be discontinued on March 31. “After this date, the following limited-time products and services released in special recognition of the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. will end or be removed from sale,” the reminder read. More recently, the Nintendo website was updated to further state that these video games were no longer going to be available. The page for Super Mario 3D All-Stars reads as follows.

Super Mario 35th Anniversary

“The physical version of Super Mario 3D All-Stars (released Sept. 18) will continue to be shipped to retailers and available for purchase through March 31, 2021 or while supplies last. The digital edition will be available through March 31, 2021.”

Super Mario image

Similarly, a message for Super Mario Bros. 35 reads, “This game will only be playable until March 31, 2021.” But last month’s reminder also came with a message stating that “titles such as ‘Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury,’ ‘Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit,’ and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo Switch Online version of ‘Super Mario All-Stars’ will continue to be available on Nintendo eShop and at local retailers beyond March 31st, 2021.” So, in short, no, Mario is not going to die today. Nintendo did, however, put up a message on Twitter thanking fans for celebrating the 35th anniversary.

“Thank you to everyone who joined us in commemorating the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. We hope you continue to Power-Up and enjoy Mario and friends’ adventures! #SuperMario35.”

It is perhaps worth noting that March 31, the day these games are being retired, is the day before April Fool’s Day. Over on Twitter, fans went crazy eulogizing Mario. Some mourned the theoretical loss. Others championed Kirby as Nintendo’s new mascot. The video game icon received a lot of love. One Twitter user, who goes by the name Beef, celebrated Luigi, rather than mourn the potential loss of Mario.

Super Mario 35th Anniversary Video Game Screen

“Goodbye Mario, I’ll miss you. We had some good times together, but now I can play as Luigi haha #RIPMario #Mario”

Those who wish to get their hands on Super Mario 3D All-Stars can do so digitally through today, or pick up a physical copy where available. Super Mario 35, however, will no longer be playable as of April 1. You can get the full details on the Mario games being retired over at

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