Is Goodwill Open? When Goodwill Stores Will Reopen for Donations During Coronavirus Pandemic

Is Goodwill Open? When Goodwill Stores Will Reopen for Donations During Coronavirus Pandemic

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From offering parking lots to conduct COVID-19 driving tests to donating tissue to make masks for local medical staff, Goodwill stores have played a valuable role in their communities throughout the coronavirus pandemic – and now everyone’s gifts and activities are more important than ever before.

If you have a donation bag ready to go – or if you can’t wait to dig into Goodwill’s hidden treasure racks again – you’re in luck: the nonprofit plans to reopen each location as soon as it will be safe to do so. And with new precautions and new donation protocols, it could be sooner than you think.

Is goodwill open right now?

According to the organization’s website, Goodwills reopens regionally in accordance with local and national safety guidelines. Some Goodwill stores and donation centers are already open or in the process of reopening. For example, Goodwill will reopen 27 retail stores and training centers in Wisconsin on May 26. To see if a store in your area is open, use the Goodwill Locator tool. Click on “filter” and select “seat”. From there, visit your location’s website or call them to see if they are open.

Remember: even if your Goodwill store is open, new security measures will be put in place to protect buyers and employees. Stores can impose social distance by limiting the number of people inside and may require everyone to wear a mask.

Does Goodwill always accept donations?

Even if your Goodwill store is not open, you may be able to donate. “More than half of all goodwill donation centers have reopened and are processing donations with new security procedures, such as retrieving donations from the donor’s vehicle trunk or offering contactless donations and self-service to minimize direct contact, “according to the Goodwill Website.

To see if your local donation center is open, you can use the Goodwill Finder tool.

When all Do goodwill stores reopen?

Since data on coronaviruses and security suggestions are constantly evolving, it is impossible to predict exactly when each Goodwill store will reopen state by state. Continue to check your local store website for updates. In the meantime, you can buy online at

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