Is God Really Standing by My Side?

Is God Really Standing by My Side?

Is the God “God” that we speak of a real manifestation on the physical plane. The fine families of mankind require a rational and intelligent support for the spiritual aspects of growth and personal evolution. The next question is, “How do I meet this God”? Am I alone in an eternal home with God, or are all the loved ones in the spirit world watching me and waiting for a personal contact with God.

There are many ways to receive guidance from the other side. It is often through dreams and near death experiences where one can obtain access to information from a different realm. Intent is important within any musical medium, and if the gift is to be the exact one that you require, you need to determine the musical instrument. Each spirit is an expert in their own once, and that makes them special. Each spirit is another way of “communicating” with the outer world, and it is helpful to pray or send a blank message to display your progress in this kind of medium.

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Every medium has their own method of communication with the angels around them. Some mediums will receive direct answers from the other side. It does not matter what medium you use, the information will come in according to what your overall focus is. You may see something on stage that doesn’t pertain to your entire passion or gift in the act. Please note that mediums speak to a receptive group of individuals on the other side. However, there are times where a medium can and does receive exact information from the other side. Let me explain.

I have learned to be aware of the time when I am in the presence of beautiful people and for the portions of the audience that I am supposed to speak to, I begin to get books in my hands to acknowledge that individuals on the stage are focused on something extremely important to them. Often times it is through this medium that I see a message from the other side. If I were not sensitive enough to notice it in advance, it would not have occurred, because it would not have been important to me at that time.

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Once you determine your focus, focus intently on a question that you have in mind for whatever purpose is important to you at the present moment. As you explore in this exercise you will begin to develop a sense of connection to those that are sharing the stage. You may very well be shut down for an extremely important reason, and this does not give you a reason to worry. It just means that you need time for you to contemplate what it may be that you really need to focus on.

The true beauty of this urge to speak to the people who are attending the function, is that those individuals are able to be silent with you for a spell, and share to you the reason that their being present at the function is so important to them. Often times when mediums speak, it is often without the religious and spiritual background to the question, and that is a wonderful way to illuminate the traits of that who may be present.

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It is not so much that a medium is positivity. It is simply that the medium has access to a higher power. That power in turn can bring a greater awareness of the objective of the questioner. It simply gives someone the ability to view the situation from a different perspective. The viewpoint may be told to understand things in relation to what they please. The clear understanding of the tallies that can be obtained, is often followed with a request for the medium to continue to provide information that helps with the forward progress. When that is done, the person leaves the presence of a great guidance from somewhere else in the world.

Great benefits come in sharing this type of spiritual events. It can create the potential for positive growth and the understanding that the world is a spiritual place and that there is more to the adventure than its appearance. You learn the value of spans of aura clearing that can plug the leaky filter through which you view the world.

Spiritual events are not always isolated events. A significant journey can come from a mediumistic session. These types of journeys tend to be more channelled and non-directive than sequential. An individual tends the session into a devotional book and a book that slows down the process. You are to be asked to walk away from the certain “job” that you are to do. You are to be left alone, and your brain may be in neutral before the book is finished; if not you will enjoy that experience.

There appeared to be an angelic presence in the room in the room underneath the Costique. Some individuals in the audience took notes. What was written simply and clearly was given to everyone without explanation. The information given the audience was of a spiritual nature.

It is important to note that these events are varied and the messages are usually very clear.