Is Animal Crossing Having A Real Prom Night Event

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be adding special items during April to celebrate Prom Night season, giving fans fancy outfits and fun decorations.

Spring is now in full bloom in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and many spring events from last year are making a reappearance, like Bunny Day and Cherry Blossom season. There are also a few new opportunities for players to check out, including New Horizons‘ new Prom Night items and outfits. These allow players to celebrate prom, but is there an official Animal Crossing Prom Night event planned?

Prom Night exclusives will be available to purchase from April 1 to 30 using the Nook Shopping app service. The items include dresses, masks, themed wallpaper, and confetti-covered flooring. It doesn’t appear any of these items will be craftable, so players will want to make sure they purchase the ones they like before the event is over at the end of the month.

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Despite this selection of new decorations and party clothes, it doesn’t appear there will be an actual Prom Night event with unique NPC interactions, according to Nintendo’s Animal Crossing update breakdown. Much like the New Year celebration items and Shamrock Day, Prom Night appears to be exclusive to the seasonal Nook Shopping events. This could be disappointing for those hoping for a new big event this spring.

How Animal Crossing Players Can Throw Their Own Prom Night

Animal Crossing New Years Food

While there may not be an official event decorating the town for Prom Night, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can opt to throw prom parties of their own. Using the Prom Night items, along with decorations from past events, players can create fun dance floors, tables full of food, and awesome lighting to celebrate prom season however they’d like. It’s a great reason to do an Animal Crossing island redesign or just to get a handful of friends together to have fun.

For fans looking to kill time while waiting for seasonal events like Nature Day or May Day, celebrating Prom Night might be the perfect way to make April interesting and potentially avoid obnoxious Animal Crossing events like Bunny Day. While it appears Bunny Day will be getting new items this year and will be seven days instead of ten, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players might appreciate a chance to party in flashy Prom Night outfits, instead of battling Zipper the bunny over hidden Bunny Day eggs.

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