iRobot Roomba 960 – Tips Clear

Roomba is practically interchangeable with robot vacuums, but what a lot of don’t understand is there is not just one authoritative version. The lineup crosses from the 375 Roomba 690 into the 900 Roomba 980. The 700 Roomba 960, the topic of the review, falls somewhere in the centre, although clearly its cost puts its nearer to the high end. It shares lots of the exact characteristics using the top-of-the-line 980–such as a camera for navigation, a smartphone program with comprehensive cleaning reports and maps, and Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice controller –but includes just one virtual wall also contains a slightly less strong motor. This makes it a more powerful value in our eyes, and our Editors’ Choice for high-end robot vacuums.

Roomba 960 vs. Roomba 980

The only visual difference between the Roomba 960 and 980 is colour. The entire body of the 960 is a lighter grey, but what else is exactly the same. They measure 13.8 inches in diameter and endure 3.6 inches tall. Controls are at exactly the very same areas, using a sizable sterile button flanked by Home and Spot Cleaning buttons. Indicator lights are above the buttons, even though a camera for navigation stays in the top centre. Beneath, you will also find the very same elements: 2 roller brushes, a side brush, cliff detectors, along with a front wheel. The removable dustbin is found in the back.

Where the 2 bots disagree is in fat. The 8.5-pound 960 is a smidge lighter compared to 8.7-pound 980. That is because it’s a distinct engine –just like the one at the elderly Roomba 880. Another distinction is battery. While we discovered the 980 could zoom around for as much as 90 minutes, the 960 peters out after about 70. The 980 also includes two virtual partitions, while the 960 includes just one.

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Roomba 960 has Wi-Fi connectivity

The Roomba 960 has Wi-Fi connectivity (on the 2.4GHz band only). As with other current Roombas, you command the 960 with the iRobot Home program, which you may see in the Apple App Store and Google Play. It walks you through installation procedure and linking to Wi-Fi, which can be identical across all versions. You may read more about this, in addition to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, in my review of the Roomba 690.


Among the chief differences between the 690 and the 960 is the 960 includes a Cleaning Preferences menu, which enables you to customize the amount of occasions it cleans one room. In addition, in the Lifetime Performance menu, you can see more detailed stats in each semester, such as complete area cleaned. Plus it supports iRobot’s sterile Map attribute, which permits you to find a map of where the robot has deciphered. You still can not steer the Roomba with the program, however.


Most robot vacuums elect for arbitrary cleaning routines, which may be troublesome to watch since they dismiss clear dust bunnies in favor of cleaning the identical place over and over again. That is true of this 690, but the 960 is significantly more systematic in its strategy.

Roomba 960

I analyzed the Roomba 960 in my flat and was amazed by how deftly it maneuvered around furniture and obstacles. As a result of the camera, it did not bang into dining table legs bookshelves, and frequently, I’d see it pause momentarily as it calculated where to proceed next. While the Bobsweep Bobi Pet knocked over a few of my dining room sets along with the Roomba 690 pushed a shopping bag across my hall, the 960 left matters as they were. So while you ought to still clean the flooring of wires and liquids before cleaning, you do not need to bend over backward decluttering.

The 960 can be better than average at transferring across different flooring types. My living room carpet includes a black edge and dark geometric shapes, also has triggered many different vacuums in analyzing, such as the Roomba 690. I was happy to find this was not a problem for the 960. It managed to get off and on the carpet with no difficulty. The same held true for the transition between tile and wood out of my own hallway to my kitchen.

That is not to say it is perfect, nevertheless. While it managed to operate its way under my TV stand, it got stuck under there and was not able to find its way back out. It’s possible to ward off issue areas in this way using the added virtual wall, which permits you to cordon off specific spaces.

Methodical cleaners

One problem with methodical cleaners such as the 960 is that they often only pass within an area after. However, you can set it to create two moves in a space, which I discovered picked up any stray debris it could have missed the very first time. So while the 960 does not have the exact same suction power as the 980, it does a great, thorough job of cleaning the floors. The 980’s largest cleaning draw is its own Carpet Boost attribute, which permits you to turn the suction up on carpets and carpets.

In terms of sound, the 960 is amazingly silent. You’ll certainly notice it if you are in exactly the exact same area, but it is much quieter compared to your conventional stick vacuum. Thus far, just the Eufy RoboVac 11 was more silent in analyzing.

At about 70-75 minutes battery life is not the longest we have encountered, but it is fine for smaller houses, particularly flats. Due to its methodical method of cleaning, the 960 managed to perform two runs throughout my living area, kitchen, and bedroom at about 45 minutes. Additionally, it did not have any difficulty automatically docking. After I advised Alexa to send back the robot, it made a beeline directly to your docking station.


While it certainly is not inexpensive, compared with the $1,000 Dyson 360 Eye along with the $900 Roomba 980, the Roomba 960 is still a fantastic thing. For $700, you receive a good deal of complex features, like a camera to get superior navigation, Wi-Fi, voice helper compatibility, and iRobot’s sterile Map visualizations.

Roomba 960 and 980

If you are torn between the Roomba 960 and 980, it boils down to two variables: Your flooring and the dimensions of your house. Unless you’ve got a big, heavily carpeted house, then the 980’s Carpet Boost, additional digital wall beacon, and more battery life are not enough to warrant shelling out an additional $200. That is why the 960 defeats the 980 as our Editors’ Choice for high-end robot vacuums.

If $700 for the 960 is simply too much, nevertheless, there are cheaper Roombas available on the market. The above Roomba 690 is below $400, and you still receive an effective clean, program controller, and voice control capability. The 890 is marginally more expensive at $500, also has the very same attributes as the 690 and a stronger motor. Neither supports sterile Map accounts, but that is more of a benefit than a requirement.

And if you do not care about any complex features out of cleaning, you also need to have a peek at the Eufy RoboVac 11. It is going to provide you with a detailed, whisper-quiet clean for a portion of the cost, though that is about all it will.

Roomba 690 – Home Cleaner With High-Quality Power and Ease

The Wi-Fi-enabled Roomba 690 robotic vacuum collects dust particles in three zones of the robot: the head, the body, and the base. The Roomba 690’s multi-material cleaner is equipped with a high-speed brush for the head area, plus a unique anti-bacterial edge-sweep brush. Dust-detect technology detects and removes particles on the surface, especially areas with dust.

The head of the Roomba is also equipped with a two-step cleaning method that ensures that dust particles are cleaned thoroughly. Firstly, the head is sprayed with a solution composed of up to two gallons of liquid soap and one gallon of water. The solution is then allowed to settle on the head, where it is removed and allowed to dry.

Dust-collecting machine

In addition to being a dust-collecting machine, the Roomba’s head area is a multi-functional one that makes it perfect for use in any household or office setting. The Roomba head has a removable cleaning face and a removable brush head. The removable face can be used as an extra-large broom handle, while the removable brush head can be used to wipe down couches and other furniture. Both face and brush heads are fully washable and easy to refill with more cleaning liquid.

The Roomba’s powerful suction is ideal for use in the bathroom. The Roomba is designed to suck up most of the dirt that falls from the tub, shower and sink, which make it perfect for the average homeowner who prefers not to get too much dirt on their floors. The Roomba’s suction is powerful enough to pick up even a tiny speck of dirt, but even a speck can be removed if the Roomba’s suction is used effectively.

Special filters for keeping germs and bacteria away

The Roomba is also equipped with special filters for keeping germs and bacteria away from the motor. The filters are made of non-toxic chemicals and can be changed by the owner anytime the need arises.

Since the Roomba is small, you may wonder how to store it. If your Roomba is stored in a closet, you can easily remove the vacuum to allow for easy movement in the room. When the Roomba is not in use, you can easily place it in small storage space. where there is no access to wires and power cables.

The Roomba is very convenient and easy to transport and assemble, but the Roomba does have some limitations. It may not work in extremely dusty areas, particularly those with loose dirt or mud, and it is not recommended for use in extremely cold temperatures. If the Roomba is left unattended, the battery may overheat, causing it to malfunction.

Rid your home of dust and dirt

Roomba is an ideal way to rid your home of dust and dirt. This high-tech vacuum is perfect for busy households and offices that do not have a lot of time to clean or have large areas to vacuum.

The Roomba’s high-quality suction and advanced filtering system make it ideal for getting out all the dirt, dust and grime in your home. The Roomba is also a great option for people who prefer to stay at home and only use the Roomba when necessary.

The Roomba’s remote control can be used with any version of the Roomba. The Roomba does have a small charging port on the side of the unit for easy plugging and discharging.

Dust Mites

Dust Mites are not a problem with the Roomba. The unit is made with HEPA filtration, which keeps the air inside the vacuum clear of dust particles. A special filter keeps the dust particles out of your air. The machine will even vacuum carpets and rugs in clean and germ-free conditions.

Roomba dust mite problems can be avoided with regular vacuuming and by keeping the room clean. The Roomba can help you save a lot of money and effort. The Roomba is an affordable and easy solution for a lot of household chores.

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