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Ireland Travel Tips More Enjoyable and Fun Experience

Ireland Travel Tips More Enjoyable and Fun Experience

Ireland Travel Tips: Get out to Ireland and have some real fun with some appealing sites all around. But do watch for what you are doing as you get into Ireland. Whether it entails a castle, a distillery or any other spot, you have to watch for what is around in a place and that you find something attractive and worth looking forward to.

Ireland Travel Tips

Ireland is a beautiful country filled with its own distinct culture. It is a place with many magnificent castles, shores, meadows, and distilleries. It deserves to be visited by everyone, but there are a few tips you should be using if you wish to make it out to the Emerald Isle.

Get a Fexco Horizon Card

People from outside the European Union can enjoy tax-free shopping throughout Ireland. The Fexco Horizon Card can help you to buy things and then claim back the taxes at the airport before you head home. You must apply for a Fexco Horizon Card before you head out to Ireland so you can get it ready for your use when traveling.

Order a Heritage Card

You can also get a Heritage Card before traveling into the country. Heritage Card is a unique type of card that gives you free access to many state managed-heritage sites around the country. These include castles and gardens among other spots. It costs €25 to get a card, and it lasts for a year from the date of purchase. Heritage Card should help you save money and make it easier for you to go around and get into some unique spots around the country.

Rent a Smaller Car If You Need One

While there are plenty of transport services around Ireland, it might be best to rent a smaller car if you wish to travel to rural and more far off spots in the Irish countryside. Rent the smallest car possible as the roads around Ireland are somewhat narrow and often tight.

Be aware of your surroundings when driving too. Locals tend to roll along these country roads rather quickly.

Find Great Castles

There are many appealing castles to visit in Ireland. From the Blarney Castle with its famed stone to the Doe castle surrounded by water on three sides, the options you have for getting to a high castle are plentiful. But when finding such villas, take a look at a few critical steps:

  • Watch for how far off a castle might be. Some castles are tucked in the middle of nowhere while others are not too far off from some roads in a region.
  • See how well you can get around a castle. Many of these villas are rather elaborate and filled with lots of steps that might be a challenge for some people to get through.
  • Read up about the castles you want to visit. Each place is very distinct regarding what it offers and how it can be a beautiful spot to travel out to.
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Traveling to Distilleries

Take a look at the distilleries that are available around Ireland. Some places might offer great tasting sessions while others are museums that highlight the history of whiskey and how it has been produced throughout the country.

Here are a few good points to look into when it comes to the distilleries around the country:

Distillery Location Prominent Features
Old Bushmills Antrim Coast Oldest licensed distillery in the world
New Midleton Midleton The largest distillery in the state
Kilbeggan Tullamore Filled with older materials for distilling whiskey
Dingle County Kerry Situated in a former sawmill
Teeling Dublin One of the newest distilleries in the country


Always Flag Buses

Buses around Ireland, particularly in Dublin, do not stop at the proper stations unless people at those locations flag them down. Thank the bus driver as you get off of your bus too.

Review Sunday Hours

Businesses in Ireland are typically closed until 2 pm local time on Sundays. Some companies might not open at all on that day of the week. Check with businesses in the area you want to travel out to so you can see what the rules for travel in those spots are like.

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Watch For the Currency

Although Ireland itself does use the euro, the northern end of the island uses the British pound. This is because Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom. Be aware of this when travelling through the northern end of the country.

On a related note, be sure to bring your passport with you if you wish to head to Northern Ireland. This is due to the region being separate from the rest of Ireland for legal purposes.

See What Local Drivers Offer

Some local drivers might offer special services where they can bring tourists out to different destinations in the countryside. See that the drivers you want to hire are professionals and that they can get you to various right spots. Review how much they charge as well so you will not be subjected to overly high charges within your trip.

Have fun as you get out to Ireland but be sure that you watch for what you will do while out in the country. This is a great place to visit if you plan it all out well enough.

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