iPhone 11 Was the Best Selling Phone in H1 2020: Report

Apple’s iPhone 11 was reportedly by far the most shipped smartphone of 2020. The iPhone 11 outperformed any other phone, according to a report by London-based technology research firm Omdia. Apple reportedly sold nearly 37.7 units of the iPhone 11, three times more than the budget Samsung Galaxy A51, which ranks second on the list.

Aside from the iPhone 11, Apple dominates the charts as all current models, including the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone SE, and iPhone 11 Pro Max have reached the top ten placement. Samsung has only managed to secure a single position, and the rest of the spots have been taken over by China-based phone maker Xiaomi.

The results for the first half of 2020 are in stark contrast to last year’s list, which featured four Samsung phones, while only two iPhone models made it into the top ten charts. However, both lists were topped by Apple’s entry-level flagships.

Omdia’s research is in line with previous reports claiming that Samsung’s phone business has had a poor year so far due to the pandemic. Last month, Gartner said, “Of the five largest smartphone vendors, Samsung saw the largest decline in sales, while Apple smartphone sales were virtually unchanged year over year.” Samsung’s slump has even reportedly allowed Huawei to climb to pole position for the first time. Although the iPhone 11 arrived in late September, it was also the second best-selling smartphone in 2019 after its predecessor, the iPhone XR, according to Counterpoint Research.

In recent years, Apple has realigned part of its smartphone strategy to focus on low-cost products. In 2019, the iPhone 11 launched at a starting price of $ 699, $ 50 less than the iPhone XR. Earlier this year, the mid-range iPhone SE was also updated.

Apple also plans to introduce its next flagship entry-level phone in two sizes, according to Bloomberg, to give more options to buyers on a budget. Also in the works: an affordable Apple Watch and a smaller HomePod. The report adds that unlike the rest of the declining smartphone industry, Apple has asked its suppliers to produce the same amount of iPhones as it did last year.

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