iOS users can use Gmail as the default email app, which is somehow a new thing

gmail iphone ios default email app

  • Google updated Gmail so that you can make it the default email app in iOS 14.
  • iPhone and iPad users can finally go straight to the app when they tap web and app links.
  • Yes, Android users have had custom email options for ages.

It only took over a decade, but iPhone and iPad users can finally set Gmail as their default email app. Google activated the feature in the latest update of the Gmail app, using iOS 14’s loose access to email and browser default settings (yes, you can also set Chrome as the default web client).

While Gmail has been available for iOS for years, this makes it a lot more convenient. Tap an email link in an app or website to go to Google’s software instead of Apple’s. You don’t have to copy and paste an address to use your favorite email tool, to put it another way.

According to Google, it’s easy to set Gmail as the default email app on your iPhone. All you have to do is open Settings, tap Gmail, tap Default Mail App, and tap Gmail again.

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Yes, we know what you’re thinking – Android had the option to change the default email app from the start. There’s no doubt that Apple caught up with Google since 2008, and it’s tempting to grin when you’ve used the Android email app of your choice without even thinking about it.

However, we won’t be happy as this is ultimately good news for everyone. You have better choices for email on iOS, whether you need to use it for work or (gasping for breath) voluntarily made the leap. If you’re used to Android, there won’t be such a harrowing transition. This also increases competition for email apps and services, which could lead Apple, Microsoft, and others to step up their cross-platform efforts. Don’t be surprised if this makes your favorite Android email client a little better.

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