iOS 14 Update May Delete Fortnite, Epic Warns

Epic Games warned that iPhone users upgrading to the new iOS 14 may accidentally remove them Fourteen days from their cell phones entirely.

According to the Fortnite status Twitter account, iOS 14 sometimes prompts users with the message “Temporarily remove apps to install software update?” On. Message if you do not have enough free space for the update. Since Fourteen days is no longer available on iPhone due to legal dispute between Epic and Apple. Once the app has been removed, it cannot be reinstalled.

According to Epic, a workaround for gamers is to select “Cancel” when the message appears and free up some space on the phone. To do this, users can navigate to the iPhone Settings tab in the General Settings menu and offload apps to prevent the message from appearing when they update their iOS.

Tips Clear asked Apple for a comment. We’ll update the story when the company replies.

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