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Intermittent Fasting for Weight loss effectively – Tips Clear

Intermittent Fasting for Weight loss

Intermittent fasting for weight loss has become more popular in present time, as it is one of the methods that is followed by many people to effectively loose weight.

The method is also very much popular, as it does not involve giving up your eating habits. This method offers you with an option where you are allowed to enjoy much smaller meals.

Loosing weight is one of the dreams come true for every person. Being over weight, can most of the times lead to a number of other conditions like obesity, stroke or even Blood Pressure. Many people try out different methods to shed down excess of their body weight.

Some of these methods may include exercising for long hours, cutting down junk foods or meals, or even investing big amount of money on weight loss products. In most cases, much of the above mentioned techniques may not prove effective for everyone.

Intermittent fasting for weight loss, as per experts, is a method in which individuals have to reduce the overall calorie intake. This method is considered as more effective as it regulates your body hormones and optimize them. This simple technique helps in regulating your overall body weight.

Intermittent Fasting for Weight loss
Intermittent fasting for weight loss

Methods for intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting for weight loss involves many different methods and techniques. Some of the most popular methods include:-

  • Skipping your regular breakfast on daily basis. This method is also termed as 16/8 as you are allowed to eat maintaining a duration of 8 hours. In general, the eating time for individuals is in between noon up till 8 PM only.
  • Short duration fasting is also one of the techniques that is followed by many people. On weekly basis, for at least two days a week, individuals are allowed to fast, skipping their meals. This means that you may have to skip on or two dinners or lunch on weekly basis.
  • Maintaining calorie count on daily basis is also one of the most effective methods followed. Individuals are allowed to consume only around 500 to 600 Calories of diet every week that has to be maintained for at least two days every week. On regular days, regular meal patterns can be followed.

Note:- The method of intermittent fasting for weight loss gets more effective as long as rules and regulations for meals are followed. The schedule has to be strictly followed even when fasting periods are on. The method is effective as it reduces the calorie intake which in turn helps you reduce the excess amount of weight gradually.

Effective of intermittent fasting on your body Hormone system

Science states that our body is used to store energy in one form or another. In general, it is stored in the form of calories that we get from the food we eat. The moment we only follow strict fasting, then our body does not get any intake calories.

This means that full fasting can also force our body to consume energy that it is not supposed to burn away. This is one of the mechanisms that our body follows to ensure that its intake of energy is achieved.

The moment you follow intermittent fasting for weight loss your body mechanism gets changed in the following ways:-

  • The count of insulin within your body metabolism increases depending on the amount of food you intake. Less rate of intake of food decreases the level of insulin production naturally. As insulin hormone is directly responsible for cutting down the rate at which fats burn in your body, so it regulates the process.
  • When fasting after regular intervals, it is obvious that the level of growth hormone in our body is also affected. With the increasing count of Growth hormone, the rate at which the fat gets consumed also increases. Apart from this, the process proves helpful in gaining muscles in our body.
  • Regular intervals of fasting also affect our body nervous system as the nerve cells use up stored fats in our body to produce energy that is used up for performing all other normal functions on a daily basis.

Regular intervals of fasting and its effects on our body metabolism actually depend on the duration of fasting. Short term fasting is one of the techniques that may actually help in burning fat within our body. It speeds up the process of fat burning in our body. Apart from this, it also proves helpful in regulating the production of growth hormone and making necessary changes in the overall metabolism of our body.

Importance of intermittent fasting for weight loss

When speaking of weight loss, intermittent fasting offers numerous advantages of its own. One of the major benefits is that it proves helpful in cutting down the calorie intake on a daily basis.

1 Lower Calorie intake

When following intermittent fasting, you are forced to consume fewer calories. The fewer calorie intake also means that you consume fewer fats in your diet. In general, the process follows a strict schedule of skipping meals during the day regularly.

Even during the eating periods, individuals are not allowed to consume big amounts of fat diet. This simple technique controls the level of calorie intake by our system. This method of fasting is in fact more effective and can reduce excess body weight by around 5 to 8 percent more.

As per studies and research, it has been proved that an average person can thus reduce at least 075 kg of his body weight by following this technique regularly. The weight loss can reduce the size of your belly and waist circumference by around 7 percent.

Intermittent fasting weight loss is a technique that can actually provide with best results. It also helps in improving the overall body metabolism and eliminate the chances of numerous chronic conditions.

2 Maintain Muscle mass when fasting

Another major advantage of intermittent fasting is that it does not affect the overall muscle mass in your body. When following strict diet plans and charts, you have to face numerous side effects in the long term.

One of the worst side effects of full fasting is that your body muscles are affected as they tend to burn down with increased speed. The body tends to burn out stored fat from the muscles.

The moment you follow intermittent fasting for weight loss it is obvious that you can maintain a lean mass of your body muscles without actually burning them. At the same time, overall body weight is also lost consistently. As you are also restricting calories so you may not have to worry about gaining an excessive amount of weight.

This process is entirely different as compared to any other weight loss program. In this schedule, your body simply restricts the intake of fats. Your daily calorie count is maintained and you are only forced to skip a meal once or twice in a week’s time.

This exercise helps in losing excess weight while restoring muscle mass. So it does not in fact affect any other part or function of your body.

Simplify your eating habits with intermittent fasting

Another major advantage of following intermittent fasting is that it is a very much simplified process. There are a number of individuals who actually follow the 16/8 method. This means that they fix a certain feeding window for themselves during the day time.

The process can further be simplified as they try and reduce the number of meals intake. So instead of three full meals, they try and focus on consuming only two meals on a daily basis.

This particular type of diet plan is followed by these individuals for a few months. In turn, in the long run, this method also offers them a healthy eating habit. It improves body metabolism and helps in maintaining consistent body weight.

Intermittent fasting for weight loss
Intermittent fasting for weight loss


Points t consider when following Intermittent fasting method

In case, you are looking forward to following intermittent fasting for weight loss then you may have to keep a number of factors in mind:-

  • Quality of food intake – One of the most important factors, even when fasting for shorter periods of time, is the quality and type of food you eat. In general, experts advise to try and consume food that is rich in whole grain content. Apart from this, try and make the selection of single-ingredient food instead of including variety in your daily meals.
  • Calories count- another major factor to keep in mind is the calorie count. It is always better to try and stick to your normal food habits. Making big changes in your eating habit is never advisable. This has to be followed during non-fasting periods. It is important that you also avoid overeating calories during this time to compensate for the lost body weight.
  • Consistency factor – as the method is proved to be effective for weight loss, so you need to follow it consistently. Stick to all plans and charts that you have prepared. Follow your daily strict diet plan. Try and implement the schedule for the long run so it gets more effective.
  • Have patience- patience is the key factor for any weight loss program to work out effectively. It is just not possible for anyone to lose bodyweight all within a day or a month. It is important that you try and follow the time frame and stick to it for a few years or your lifetime. Getting adapted to this method of fasting will always ensure that your body does not gain an excessive amount of weight.

When following intermittent fasting for weight loss program, you need to exercise normally. Strength training exercises always prove more helpful to help maintain the overall strength of your body. Even in the initial stages, it may not be important for you to try and maintain your calorie count.

Most common methods to intermittent fasting for weight loss

Intermittent fasting to help you shed the excess amount of your body weight has been considered as one of the latest trends in the present time. More number of celebrities and health-conscious individuals are following this very path.

As per past research, this method is very much effective in losing a big amount of body weight consistently. To gain all possible health benefits, it is important to follow it perfectly. There still are different approaches people make use of for losing their overall body weight. Some common methods of intermittent fasting are mentioned here below:-

16 hour fasting time period

This is one of the methods in which individuals are forced to fast for at least once every 16 hours. This also means that you are only allowed to eat meals every 8 hours or so.

Individuals who follow this method also need to maintain the eating window cycle for at least two meals a day. The method is also very much effective as it has been tested before implementation by health experts.

When following this method, you are just not allowed to eat any other food once you have had your meals. In a few cases, you may also have to skip your breakfast. You have to maintain perfect timing for eating and enjoying your meals.

The fasting time can be anything between 15 to 16 hours. So if you had your breakfast then you can try and skip the afternoon meal. If you are more used to eating afternoon meals then you can skip your morning breakfast.

The process of skipping meals is considered to be more effective as you don’t have to stay without eating for more than a few hours. The method of fasting is also more effective as it forces you to consume more of liquids like water, juice, nonbeverage drinks, etc. You can include coffee or cream free tea in your daily schedule. The diet plan also suggests you include more of foods that are rich in healthy ingredients. Junk foods in all cases have to be avoided when following this diet schedule strictly.

Fasting twice a week diet plan

The next most important method or technique that is followed under intermittent fasting for weight loss is the two days of fasting every week. When following this method you may have many advantages as the calorie count on a daily basis is maintained strictly.

Apart from this, in case you consume additional calories during the eating windows, then your two-day fasting can easily balance this calorie intake. The calorie intake value may slightly different in the case of man and woman. Men are expected to consume nearly 600 calories while women have it stick to a minimum of 300 calories on a daily basis.

Prolonged fasting for 24 hours every week

This is yet another way to intermittent fasting for weight loss. The duration of fasting has to be followed for at least 24 hours. In general, this type of fasting is also termed as prolonged fasting and is very much popular.

Individuals who follow this method are also forced to fast between two dinner cycles. The cycle has to be repeated once every 24 hours consistently. The time frame for fasting can be customized as per your personal requirements and needs. You can start fasting from one breakfast to another or from one dinner cycle to another.

Apart from this, a lot of drinks that are non-beverage types can be consumed when the fasting cycle is followed. When fasting, food in any solid form has to be avoided so that you cut down the intake of calories for at least 24 hours every week.

This also means that your body gets a chance to burn down unwanted fats at least once every week time for 24 hours.

Fasting every alternate days

Another most important method that is followed under the intermittent fasting for weight loss is to fast every alternate day. You can simply follow a number of ways to help to fast get more effective.

Every alternate day you can try and follow the different diet plans and eating habits. On average it is expected that any individual has to try and consume only about 500 calories every alternate day.

In case you have just got started with this method of fasting then 24-hour fasting every alternate day is one of the most effective ways to get started. In the long run, this method ensures that you get to maintain very consistent body weight.

Intermittent fasting for weight loss
Intermittent fasting for weight loss

Warrior diet method

When following this method, you are not allowed to eat any type of solid foods during the day time. You have to include your meals during the night time, so your body gets a sufficient amount of energy for entire day work.

As per experts, the warrior method of fasting is more effective as on a daily basis, your body gets a sufficient amount of energy. As you are only allowed to eat meals at night time, so you may never overeat.

During the day time, you can focus on your daily schedule or routine and eat healthy meals during the night time before bed. As the eating window is very small, so it is obvious that you have to try and include more vegetables and fruits in your daily diet at night time.

This procedure automatically cuts down your calorie intake. It also reduces the number of fats you are consuming on a daily basis.

Meal skipping whenever possible

This is yet another most popular way to intermittent fasting for weight loss. Skipping meals spontaneously is also considered as one of the most common methods or techniques followed.

On a regular basis, it is also advisable to try and skip meals. This should be made a common practice on days when you are not very much hungry. Apart from this, you can also try and avoid eating anything for a few hours on a daily basis.

This popular method is also termed as entering the starvation mode for your body and the moment you follow it, you cut down the calorie intake. In the long run this simple yet effective method offers numerous benefits of its own.

It prevents your body from accumulating unwanted fats in the body such that your body weight may never tend to increase.

Final verdict

Intermittent fasting for weight loss is a method that has been followed by a number of individuals in the present time. You can reap all of its benefits when following the right technique. In case you don’t follow it strictly, then it is certain that you may never get desired results.

You also need to keep in mind that this method should not be followed by everyone to reduce weight. As it can affect your overall body metabolism to a greater extent, so you need to seek professionals’ advice when following it.

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