Interior Designs Trends For 2016

Interior Designs Trends  If you have bought your first home recently, you have moved into your first apartment, or you just want to update your home, you must be thinking what the current interior designs are will be in the market.

Here is an essential guide to the trendiest home décor styles of 2016. You will get the specific insight for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and everything in between.

interior designs
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Bedroom Designs

Bedroom designs in 2016 will be clean, crisp line with fine details of textures and colours. The style will be purely contemporary, as people are more moving towards a relaxing feeling. With such a tight economy it is obvious everyone wants to get de-stress upon entering their house. Therefore bedroom designs are more spa-like.

There will be small additional accessories like bedside sofa where you can comfortably sink in after a tiresome day. All these other items are available in Big Bazaar, and they are giving lucrative sale discounts this season.

bedroom designs

Look out for softer and cool blues, softer grey and natural shades. Cream ivory and pearl white will also be a good idea to give you the peace and calmness of mine. Moreover, it is advised not to go for bold lines, go for clean and thinner lines.

Bathroom Designs

Some different bathroom designs have grown popular in 2016. This includes the Moroccan inspired tile textures, natural and beautifully re-cycled materials. Lighter colours and tremendous but organic looking fixtures.

Of course, with Big Bazaar by your side, the options don’t end here. With functional bathroom accessories, the design opportunities are endless, as more and more people are breaking away from the concept of resale value to the enjoyment and satisfaction level more.

 Create a bathroom space for yourself rather than thinking about sell value. Make your bathroom unique and the most beautiful area of your room, so that the next time you think of shower, you enjoy it!

Living Room Designs

The living room should d be all about comfort and style at the same time. Not only it should look unique, but the technique should blend it as well. This year is all about mixing and matching; you should not settle with a single style. Instead, you should experiment. There is nothing called perfect, and your research to get a balanced look. Research what options you have, and use retailers to save big on luxury rugs where other retailers would often charge a fortune.

living room designs
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For living room designs, don’t be surprised to see a tremendous surge of Moroccan inspired looks, global-inspired looks, mid-century modern, eclectic looks, vintage pieces, Americana and more.

Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is now the hub of every home. Therefore it is not a surprise that the majority of the people are putting their primary focus into this space. Kitchen trends for 2016 are more of offbeat and colourful. It also includes rustic and industrial touches with clean and contemporary blends.

kitchen designs
kitchen designs

This updated and mixed form of look is a hit among the customers of Big Bazaar. They are offering clean and natural looking furnishings along with other stylish looks. The world has moved from a stainless steel basin to natural countertops and vessels.

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