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6 Interesting Facts about mehendi designs

Interesting facts about mehendi designs

Facts about mehendi designs: Indian festivals always bring a lot of colours and happiness. Be it Deewali or Eid or a simple Karva Chauth vrat, each occasion has a different meaning. And diverse colours that make our lives beautiful. But on all occasions, there is one thing which is common, the mehndi. Though the significance of mehndi is more in Indian weddings but also mehndi plays an important role in other occasions and festivals too.

Simple Mehndi Designs

Mehndi shows the colour and happiness that brings on your face when you celebrate any Indian cultural festive. Mehndi has different styles and designs that are applied while drawing the mehndi. There are many interesting facts about mehendi designs that lot of people still don’t know. I am going to share some unknown facts about mehendi designs in this post.

facts about mehendi designsMehendi in Arabian countries

Mehendi in Arabian countries 5000 years back in Asian countries women used to put mehendi to avoid evil eye. Encourage fertility and bring happiness in life.

Mehendi in Egyptian countries

Mehendi in Egyptian countriesIn Egypt people used to fill up the fingers of hands and feet with mehendi before mummification. The significance of doing so is that they used to believe that mehendi signifies the connection between the human and the earth. It was a spiritual connection between the earth and the human which mehendi colour used o depict.

Mehendi in Jewish and Islamic religion

In earlier days, the colour and the diverse design of mehendi used to be a symbol that protects a person against devil or any sort of evil eyes. There are some kinds of signs such as cross, round and other geometrical shapes they used to draw to show off the holy and pure spirits. 

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In Moroccan countries

Mehendi in Egyptian countriesLike Jewish and Islamic religion, in Morocco as well the mehendi or henna was being used to ward off the devil from people’s life. Like I said, they had the same signs and shapes of mehendi designs that are used to defend from the bad.

Mehendi in Africa

In some parts of the Africa, mehendi is being used to clean the teeth. It is said that the essence of the mehendi helps to heal dental problems.

Indian Bridal MehndiMehendi in Hindu History

  • In Hindu religion, mehendi is being used since ages and still it plays an important role in each occasion, especially in marriage.
  • In ancient time it is believed that Maa Durga had decorated her palm, fingers and feet to impress Lord Shiva.
  • It is also believed that the colour and the smell of the mehendi were the things which attracted Lord Shiva towards Maa Durga.

Muslim Style mehendi

Muslims don’t use peacock or king/queen design in their mehendi. They believe that these elements personify the God. Using such designs in mehendi would be an insult to God. Rather they use colours and floral designs in their mehendi to show more happiness. Also they prefer to leave blank space in mehendi designs which is quite like Arabian style.

 Medical facts

Mehendi or henna is immensely useful in medical field. Fever, stress and general body nourishment are some of the medical points that can be healed by applying mehendi. Scientifically it is said that to relief the bride from her wedding day stress. Mehendi is being applied as it helps to regulate the blood circulation in the body. It is a great antiseptic as well.

In Indian marriage

Indian Bridal MehndiThough it is not an unknown fact but a lot of people don’t know that by the colour of the mehendi it can be decided whether the bride and groom will make a good pair in future. Not only that, it is also said that if the colour of the mehendi becomes darker by the time, it shows the stronger bonding between the in-laws and the bride.

Facts about mehendi

Places Beliefs
Egypt Spiritual
Arab Fertility
Jewish and Islam Protection from evil eye
Morocco Protection from evil eyes

Dental problem healing

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