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Why is health insurance important for women?

Why is health insurance important for women?

Insurance important for women.Women are always there on the front end. When it comes to taking care of the family and the loved ones. They can even sacrifice their career if their family needs them. If any of their loved ones fall sick or need her help. They can spend their whole day and night to take care of the needs of that loved one.

But, when it comes to their own well-being, they tend to neglect themselves. They are so busy with their daily life handling. Their personal as well as professional duties that they end up ignoring their own well-being. But it is essential for women to take good care of themselves. So that they can also stay fit and active.

In this step to lead a robust life, medical insurance also plays an important role. There are special insurance plans specially designed keeping in mind the needs of the women. The cost of healthcare is so high these days that any medical treatment can cost too much for your budget without health insurance.

insurance important for women

Health Care Plans for Women

Women’s Medicare Plans cover the various medical problems that a woman can get in her lifetime. There are few insurance companies that offer health care plans tailor-made for women and may even cover the risks of critical illnesses.

Such plans can be a stand-alone plan that covers the risk of the individual person only the entire family. There are even maternity plans available that cover pregnancy and childcare-related expenses.

Most of the women-specific health care plans provide the women coverage for specific illnesses that includes breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, paralysis, fallopian tube cancer, burns, etc. in addition to the benefits as that of regular health insurance plans. While insurers like Apollo Munich emphasize that just like anyone women need a similar level of health care. Additionally, if you chose to buy a media claim for the family, it cannot be gender-specific.

The importance of health care insurance plans for women:

Avoid Financial Crisis: Any health problem can bring a financial crisis for the family. But, with a Medicare Policy, you got this covered. Instead of paying all the expenses out of your own pocket insurance company will take care. The expenses like hospitalization, maternity, Sickness, etc. are taken care of by the insurance company.

Recuperation Support: Cashless benefits of the pre and post-hospitalization expenses in-network hospitals are provided.

Regular Health Check Support: Yearly examinations also covered under many health insurance plans.

Critical Illnesses Cover: These products also provide for lump sum payment in the event any critical illness is contracted by the women that may include breast cancer, spondylitis, cervical cancer, etc.

Tax Rebate:

Payment towards premium amount is eligible for income tax deduction u/s 80D.

Stay Financially Independent: Health insurance plays an important role in the life of single/married women. It might be difficult for her to pay high medical expenses all by herself. The medical plan provides financial support by paying for all medical expenses and critical illness for her and the family.

Covers for Large Family:In case a woman has a joint family, there are plans available in the market that provide coverage for the maximum of 15 people under one policy. Those 15 people can be herself, husband, children, parents, parents’ in-laws, siblings, daughter or son in law, grandparents, or grandchildren. This saves from the hassles of maintaining different health policy for everyone.

Maternity Expenses Covered: The health care plans for women provide for the maternity benefits as well. The husband and wife together can opt for a plan with maternity benefit to cover their cost when they start family planning.

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Child Care for Single Moms:

If a woman is a single parent, any medical expense can be difficult for her to pay. So, she can opt for a comprehensive plan that covers her as well as her children under the same plan. This will provide for child care benefit and cover all vaccination expenses. In such plans, you can cover your parents as well under the same policy that provides coverage for critical illness.

Health Support Fund in the Golden Years: Health insurance for women plays an important role in the old age. There are many health problems that a woman can face during old age. The health care insurance plans for senior woman provide for the all the hospitality expenses, nursing expenses as well as for the critical expenses.

Some insurance companies have also started modifying the policies to specific needs of the women. Apparently, this seems to limit the usefulness of the plan to the insured lady.At the same time, entire family can avail the same benefits, if they chose a critical illness rider along with family floater plan.

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