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Insurance Agency Drip Campaigns & Email Workflow

Let’s start with a simple definition of drip campaigns via insurance email. A drip campaign is a direct marketing method used to engage potential customers and retain customers by taking advantage of continuous and dynamic email marketing programs. Campaigns send targeted and conditioned content based on existing and evolving preferences. The content is sent to potential customers and customers over different periods of time to cultivate contacts and improve loyalty.

An email workflow is a series of automated emails that are sent (or not sent), based on target subscribers, to facilitate the way they interact with your agency. Email workflows are triggered based on the information you know or learn about your subscribers (using the ramification for Yes, No, If, Then). Workflows allow marketing experts to send precise emails, at set times, to potential customers or clients. Well-designed email workflows can help insurance agencies improve conversion rates and customer retention. We discuss one of the many types of workflows that insurance agencies can use, we will follow up with additional blog posts on other types of workflows in this ongoing series.

Insurance webinar workflow

Suppose your insurance agency is planning a webinar on a topic such as: ACA compliance in an uncertain era, or Changes to the CSA regulations and the impact on truck drivers. Email workflows allow agency marketing experts to communicate the information participants need to know and when they need to know it. The agency’s webinar workflow can be activated as soon as a date is set, even if a webinar recording landing page is recommended at that time.

Once activated, the webinar’s email workflow starts sending automated emails, providing useful and timely information about the webinar, right up to the webinar and after the completion of the webinar. This may include dates and times, if the webinar will be recorded, where to obtain the presentation slide or the accompanying materials and certification information for credits with HRCI, SHRM, etc. It is helpful to start a few weeks before the webinar and remind those who have not registered and keep those who have registered.

The branch of the insurance agency’s e-mail workflow allows for solid personalization and very specific content creation. For example, if a registrant replies that he wants to receive the slides, you can create a call to action (CTA) to direct them to a download page. Or for registrants who wish to share the webinar recorded later, and the e-mail can be generated automatically, the day after the webinar, providing the registration and perhaps a CTA to make an appointment to discuss coverage with your own agency.

Needless to say, every agency should use simple email campaigns. However, for many agencies, the time has come to invest in dripping the email workflow of insurance agencies. Those agencies lacking the staff or tools to accomplish this may consider outsourcing the initiative to a competent insurance marketing agency.

by Alan Blume

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