Install a doggie doorbell your dog really uses for just $23


As a dog owner for a lifetime, I have seen it all. I have had to replace the doors because my dog ​​scratched it within an inch of his life. I have cleaned up after dogs that had accidents because no one noticed that they did not need to go outside. And I have seen dogs trying to catch my eye like goats on the trampoline when they want to come back. Pebble Smart Doggy Doorbell tries to solve all those problems; It has a large nose-friendly button and plays wirelessly wherever you want to place the receiver. For a limited time, a Pebble Smart Doggy Doorbell is $ 23.40 When you apply promo code CHEAP10 At checkout. This is below the regular price of $ 30.

I really love the idea of ​​this door. The large yellow button is an easy target to hit your pooch, and it connects wirelessly to indoor receivers up to 250 feet away. Installation is easy; It is affixed with adhesive mounting tape, and the housing behind the buttons has a built-in treatment holder to aid training.

Doorbell is water resistant and safe to use in rain and snow, so you can mount it outside – so your puppy can let you know when they want to come – or time to let you know when they go out of the house is . I think that if your dog really takes this system, you can mount one on either side of the door for exit and entry. Although this is the real question, can you teach your students how to use doorbells? This is why your mileage will certainly vary, but I am optimistic that I will be able to teach my last dog, Topher, to use it in a flat without any time.

There is nothing as adorable as dogs doing with intent – like playing doorbell, riding a skateboard, or taxing. With Pebble, you have a good chance of getting at least two out of three.

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