Inside The Troubling Jen Shah Abuse Allegations & Aftermath

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Jen Shah has spurred a number of concerns following alleged explosive outbursts involving her staff.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Jen Shah has found herself in hot water, and the troubling allegations against her have shown her in a new light. Now, many wonder what exactly happened on the audiotape that was leaked, and how it will impact her for seasons to come.

Shah has been a contentious housewife since the premiere episode. While many felt her antics were just a show for the cameras, others wondered if she had anger control issues. There were quite a few times she found herself all worked up and taking it out on her other housewives. Whitney Rose was one of the first to feel her wrath when she tried to give Shah some drunken news about her new best friends during her husband’s birthday party. Heather Gay was next during the hot springs, where she also splashed the cameramen. The actions that were witnessed in the series made it easy to believe that Shah very well could have yelled at one of her team members.

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The mother of two has stayed quiet long enough and opened up to Reality Blurb about the incident claiming she does not verbally abuse anyone on her staff. She filmed herself by her pool and told followers that she shouldn’t believe everything that is written about her. Fans found her interview contradicting because no one had written these lies about her. The words came directly from her own mouth, and she seemed just to be backtracking regarding the leaked audio.

Jen shahs meltdown during spa day - rhoslc

The audio leakage of her altercation with Koa Johnson, who was her dress designer for the reunion, has done her no favors. While most of the Shah Squad does not speak against their queen, Johnson let it be known that he was caught in a toxic relationship with his employer. Fans who heard the leaked footage pulled out quotes like “I’m like ready to f***ing – you know we’re gonna put on boxing gloves, and I’m gonna beat the s**t out of you in like two seconds” and “how many more people do you need to do one f****ing thing? One thing!” The work environment does not sound cohesive to creativity at all. Andy Cohen has confirmed this is how Shah acted throughout the series and was not faking it. But the housewife has since sent cease and desist letters to bloggers.

While it is entirely possible that Shah could be axed and have to fade away into obscurity, many Bravo viewers do not think this will happen. The season did exceptionally well, and most of that was due to the drama Shan brought with her. The network would be foolish to let her go. Fans will have just have to tune into the second season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City to see if they keep her around or not.

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Source: Reality Blurb

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