Inside Kim Kardashian’s Cryptic ‘People Pleaser’ Quote Amid

Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans are working to decode the meaning behind a cryptic quote Kim Kardashian recently posted amid her divorce.

As Kim Kardashian continues to adjust to her divorce from Kanye West, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has started to share cryptic quotes on her Instagram Story. Kim and her sisters are known for subliminally speaking on their rough times through quotes posted online While Khloé Kardashian is most known for her Insta quotes, Kim appears to be doing the same thing. Fans of the star have been working to decode the message Kim is seemingly trying to convey.

The SKIMS founder has been laying low since filing for divorce in February. The couple was nearing their seven-year wedding anniversary when Kim’s divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, made the move to dissolve the marriage. The couple had been living separate lives, with Kanye living out his ranch in Wyoming since his 2020 presidential campaign. Sources said Kim grew tired of the Yeezy founder’s erratic behavior while Kanye reportedly found Kim’s lavish reality star lifestyle to be “unbearable.” Since their divorce announcement, Kanye reportedly has cut off communication with the KKW Beauty founder and only visits their children when she isn’t home.

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Over the weekend, Kim left her fans guessing what she was hinting at in a cryptic quote she posted to her Instagram Story. “Being a people pleaser is a serious game,” the quote read, as captured by one Reddit user. “To give everything to to everyone will require you to give nothing to yourself. People pleasing will cost you your authenticity, your goals, and your integrity. If you want to be happy, you have to live your truth boldly and on your terms.” The Redditor who screenshotted the post took it to a thread, where they asked “Do you know wtf kim is talking about? I don’t think it is about kanye because they are divorced.” With the somber message coming on the heels of her divorce filing, many felt the reality star was venting amid her newly single status.

One person claimed Kim is “in her quotes era.” Another believed Kim was tired of trying to “please the public.” One show viewer recalled Kim sharing how much of a giver Kanye is and shared their belief that Kim has the same trait. “Also remember kim saying in kuwtk that Kanye forgive people easily and love to give too much money to his friends,” they explained. “Kanye is a giver from what kim always says. I think it is a weakness. I think Kanye and kim are both givers,” they added. If the fan is right and Kim is merely expressing one of her weaknesses through a cryptic message, it’s clear Kim is going through the motions of a serious breakup.

This is the third divorce for Kim, but this relationship also lasted the longest and produced four children. Kim and Kanye were able to amicably work out their custody and property agreements. However, insiders say Kanye changed his phone numbers and only allows Kim to contact him through his security. Maybe Kim is tired of having to please both her former husband and the outside world.

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Source: Reddit

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