Inside Juliana Custodio’s Thriving Modeling Career

Juliana Custodio has found success outside of 90 Day Fiancé. The kind-hearted Brazilian beauty is now a successful international model.

Many 90 Day Fiancé stars have risen to fame both outside of and within TLC. Season 7 beauty Juliana Custodio has achieved her dream of modeling success despite receiving initial criticisms from fans due to the age gap between her and her husband Michael Jessen. The kind-hearted Brazilian beauty and her older American partner have proven that their 19 year age gap does not get in the way of their lasting love. Juliana has risen to become a popular star on social media, as well as a successful model who frequently stuns with her glamorous and high-fashion photos.

Juliana and Michael’s season 7 love story was quickly met with viewer skepticism due to their age gap. Though Juliana was initially accused of using Michael to get a better life in America and improve her chances of being a model, viewers eventually came to realize that the gentle Brazilian beauty was authentic. While Juliana traveled the world for modeling before meeting Michael, her childhood does not appear to have been easy. Soap Dirt revealed rumors that Juliana worked in child labor at a sweatshop and that she was kidnapped at a young age and trafficked around the world as a child model. The devastating story has not been verified, but fortunately, Juliana’s career has a positive outcome. Juliana has risen from her alleged difficult past to carve out success for herself as a beautiful and independent model.

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Back when she was 23, Juliana was shown hoping to launch an international modeling career. Two years later, the former reality star has found success as a working model. Juliana is currently represented by Time Model International and Women Management New York. She has over 366K Instagram followers who are treated to a steady array of modeling photos that she shares regularly. The beauty recently appeared in both Solstice Magazine and a music video for recording artist Sean Naso. Juliana interacts with her fans frequently and shares beauty content, such as recommendations for affordable beauty products.

In addition to modeling, Juliana has found success as an influencer. She has amassed popular platforms on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Her many followers appreciate her glamorous photos, as well as her more low-key dance videos and peaks into her personal life. Juliana also endorses a natural detox cleanse and Licataa Wine on her Instagram. The partnerships, as well as her modeling and social media success, have established a steady career for her. Meanwhile, her relationship with Michael is still going strong. The wealthy American and the Brazilian beauty appear to be very much in love.

Many 90 Day Fiancé viewers have realized that Juliana and Michael were unfairly judged for their age gap. Viewers have realized that the couple is authentic and likable, as they do not angle for attention. Their genuine and kind-hearted attitudes have caused many viewers to declare that Juliana and Michael are a seriously underrated pair. While several season 8 couples on 90 Day Fiancé broadcast endless drama, Juliana and Michael are considered an authentic and likable duo. Viewers are very happy to see Juliana achieve success outside of the franchise and realize her dreams.

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Source: Juliana Custodio, Soap Dirt

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