Inside Arie Luyendyk & Lauren Burnham’s New Hawaii Home

Arie & Lauren revealed they bought a home in Hawaii. They gave their followers a sneak peek of the new place and hinted about their renovation plans.

Arie and Lauren Luyendyk of The Bachelor recently revealed on Instagram that they bought a second home in Hawaii. After surprising fans with the initial news of the move, they gave their followers a sneak peek of the new place and hinted about their plans for renovations in a YouTube video. Arie and Lauren are expecting twins, so it makes sense that they’re expanding their real estate while expanding their family.

Arie and Lauren celebrated their second wedding anniversary in January 2021. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Alessi, in May 2019. Lauren opened up about having a miscarriage in 2020, and was thrilled when the couple got pregnant again later that year. They are expecting twins, due in July 2021. The two also love doing home renovations together. They currently live in Arizona, where they moved into a large new house in 2020. While Arie has been posting updates about redoing their garage, the couple announced that they purchased a second home in Hawaii.

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The new house looks like a dream come true for the couple. While searching for a second home in California, the Hawaii home caught their eye, as they explained on YouTube. Arie and Lauren vacationed in Hawaii last month and fell in love with the island. Lauren recalled in their new house tour video that she always wanted a beach house. “I’m fine living in Arizona as long as we can escape to the beach,” she told Arie. The spacious two-story home features a two-car garage, second-floor deck and two second floor bedrooms for the kids. The large bathroom on the first floor is one of Lauren’s favorite parts of the home, and she was excited to have a sizable bathtub. There is also a kitchen on the second floor and beautiful views from the balcony-style deck.

While the couple seemed thrilled with the new spot, they revealed they also have ideas for renovations. Lauren discussed adding a bar outside of the kitchen window on the first floor and creating a patio area above the garage. Arie shared he had a lot of ideas for what to do with the new home. They both agreed this was a perfect place to raise their children, and couldn’t wait to be closer to the beach.

Arie and Lauren were all smiles while touring their new home. They’ll certainly need more space and a calm environment when they welcome their twins this summer. Arie assured his followers on Instagram that their Arizona home will always be their primary residence, but that they are very excited to have an escape in Hawaii. This new chapter in their lives promises to be exciting, and full of stunning beach photos on Instagram.

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