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Indoor Gardening With Solar Skylight Tubes

Now that the autumn harvest is upon us, it’s time to start preparing for winter and then spring! In a previous post we talked about how fantastic sunlight pipes are for indoor gardens, in this post we will talk about how to start an indoor garden this winter and the benefits that derive from it! There are other ways to garden during the winter such as building a greenhouse, but indoor gardening is simpler and usually costs much less. Did you know that there are some fresh vegetables that grow well indoors all year round such as lettuce, spinach or herbs? With proper light and care, these plants thrive indoors, regardless of the season. Imagine fresh salads and herbs all year round!

If you like gardening, you know that it’s not always easy to grow plants outside or inside. But there are some plants that, although feasible, can be difficult, so when you start your winter garden it is always a good thing to think about which plants you want to grow and see how easy they will be. Tomatoes, peppers and herbs are excellent plants to start with. They are all quite resistant and easy to maintain. The key to winter gardening is to make sure your plants get enough sunlight to think that its summer, keeping them near the windows is a great first step, but it doesn’t always work for those areas that have limited sunlight or houses that have windows. limited. How else can you illuminate your plants?

There are many different types of lights that can be used to grow plants in the home and also some controversy as to which type of light is best. Fluorescent light is a great of indoor lighting but it doesn’t provide much red light needed for flowering plants and there are incandescent lights that offer a lot of red but not very blue light. We often recommend using both to grow indoor gardens. Turning off the bulbs and making sure they are turned on for the exact number of hours is a lot of work, why deal with all these problems when you can simply use natural light? It is however the best light for growing plants. The installation of solar skylights is quick and easy and allows you to have fresh herbs and vegetables and beautiful flowers all year round. Using a combination of natural light from the windows and tubes of the solar skylight, which provide light even on cloudy days, you will never have to worry about which type of light should be used for which type of plant.

Now that you have collected your plants and taken care of your lighting, you can start growing your plants indoors and enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables all year round. And once the last frost has passed by moving your flowering plants outdoors it will guarantee you healthy plants that produce immediately. By starting the plants during the winter it is possible to avoid the waiting period after planting them before they start to produce. Indoor gardens are a great way to keep produce fresh and prepare for the next growing season.

by Breanna Legler

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