In 2013, this man accidentally threw his hard drive in the trash, it had 7,500 bitcoins and now offers 72 million dollars if they let him look for it

His proposal turns a quarter of the value of the amount he unknowingly dumped in 2013.

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Resident of the British city of Newport Have contacted local authorities for the purpose of conducting an important search for Hard Drive That he accidentally threw in 2013 In Municipal landfill, The device was said to contain bitcoins, currently valued at around £ 210 million, which is average. 288 million dollars.

How did this sad situation happen?

James Howells, a 35-year-old computer engineer In 2013 Having carried out the cleaning of his house, he later realized that he had dumped his hard drive with 7,500 bitcoins, instead of remaining empty.

After their previous application was rejected, Gesture makes a Proposal Of 25 percent, or $ 72 million , For the council in the event that it makes up for its losses.

“I would like to sit down with the decision-makers and present them with an action plan.” Gesture told South Wales Argus, It shows that he is supported by a hedge fund, which is ready to provide funding for the initiative.

What would be the programmer’s strategy to recover their hard drive?

Computer scientist Assures that in 2013 A garbage container received a serial number when it was filled, before it was moved to a grave and buried. In addition, a grid reference was required.

According to the , the developer said, “So I can access the landfill log, the week I dumped the hard drive, identified the serial number of the container and then the landmark of the grid.”

Eight years after the incident, Gesture Remains optimistic about retrieving information within the device. “The box may rust, but it is possible that the disk still works inside the data where it is stored,” the engineer said.

It is worth noting that, with the passage of time, this probability diminishes, according to the programmer, who suggested that if his finding was successful, the funds would be transferred as assistance to patients with coronovirus. His city.

Although Newport City Council Has indicated that digging, storing and treating all waste can cost millions of pounds, and there is no firm guarantee that the hard drive will be found or continue to serve.

Similarly, the The institute Emphasizes that, in the event of extraction, it is impossible because of the requirements of the activities Current license And it can have a serious and negative effect environment Location effects, the same reasons for which they do not guarantee assistance.

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