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IKEA Teams Up With Byredo on a Collection of Candles

Photo courtesy IKEA

IKEA’s latest designer collaboration makes perfect fragrances.

IKEA is back with another collaboration that is making headlines. This time she is working with the Swedish fragrance and beauty company Byredo on a collection of luxury candles. And as winter is approaching and we’re going to be spending a lot of time indoors (we’re professionals now) there’s never a reason to buy a new candle (or five) to add something extra to your home.

Ben Gorham, the founder of Byredo, was born in Sweden and spent part of his childhood in Toronto before moving to New York and then back to his home country. He founded the brand in 2006 and it’s been a cult favorite of editors, influencers, celebrities and luxury philosopher around the world ever since. The candles currently on Byredo’s main store line start at $ 60 and go up to $ 120 – which makes working with IKEA all the more exciting as prices start at just $ 6.99 (the most expensive Candle’s range is at only $ 27.99 for a large four-Wick design).

Photo courtesy IKEA

The Byredo x IKEA collaboration is called OSYNLIG and comprises 13 scented candles that “should evoke a wide range of emotions – from nostalgic memories to dreams of the future to enhancing the experience of being at home through scents” for a publication. The fragrances were divided into three categories – floral, woody and fresh.

In a press release, IKEA said the collaboration has enabled the brand to highlight the importance of “invisible design” to make our living spaces even more welcoming. “Invisible design – the use of smell, sound and light – can offer new and unexpected solutions to the challenges we face in our home lives today,” the company says. Gorham also notices the power of a typical home fragrance. “The way your home smells is very emotional and plays a big role in how you feel there,” he says. “Smell is a very relevant part of the home and creates a feeling of comfort and security.”

Not only do the candles smell amazing, they are beautifully packaged (no surprise given Byredo’s signature aesthetic). The candles are available in small, medium and large sizes. Should you keep each of the slim, triangular embossed containers when you’re done with the scent, for example to update your pen holder in style or perhaps to house your face masks?

Photo courtesy IKEA

The collection will be available in all IKEA stores across Canada on November 1st and online at ikea.ca.

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