Hyundai Palisade production halted over parts shortage

The shutdown is not expected to affect the United States.

Sean Szymkowski / Roadshow

Production of Hyundai Palisade, the brand’s new three-row SUV, stopped in South Korea after a shortage of parts.

Just Auto reported for the first time that production of the large SUV had stopped on June 15 and cited a potential problem with the supply chain following the death of an employee of the supplier after the conclusion of a contract COVID-19[female[feminine. The production break would also have affected the Genesis GV80, which is slated to launch in the United States this summer.

A Hyundai representative confirmed that production would stop earlier this week, but said the hiatus should not affect the Palisade models to American specifications. The manufacturer did not immediately respond to a request for update on the situation, and Genesis did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the production of the GV80.

La Palisade had its best month of sales in March just before The largely closed US economy to slow the spread of COVID-19. As more and more restrictions disappear – even if the virus continues to spread – we have seen automotive industry bounces back pretty fast. However, pre-pandemic sales estimates will likely be shifted by a few million units.

As for the GV80, Genesis CEO Mark Del Rosso told Roadshow the SUV had almost 10,000 pre-orders in his name in May. He also alluded to a higher than expected demand for the model and stressed that the launch had been a smooth navigation, with no foreseeable problem for the supply of the vehicle.

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