Huawei patents laser wireless charging tech, so when will we see it?

  • Huawei has filed a patent for true wireless laser charging.
  • This way you can charge your phone without placing it on a pad or using a cable.
  • Huawei expects that wireless laser charging will land in phones within two or three generations.

True wireless charging has long been recognized as the smartphone technology of the future that allows phones to be charged without having to put them on a wireless charging pad or plug in a cable. We have seen some companies advertise this capability and use radio waves to charge a phone.

Huawei also attended the party last week, announcing that it is patented to wirelessly charge phones using laser beams instead. The Chinese manufacturer says this technology would allow multiple users with supported devices to charge via a wireless module in the room.

This technology could also be used to charge devices over medium and long distances from phones to drones, according to Huawei. In theory, this could mean that you can use your phone or drone without pausing to charge, although we wonder about battery degradation when the devices are constantly being charged.

This wireless laser charging solution also includes a safety feature that detects eyes in the laser’s path and turns off charging to protect people or pets.

What else should you know about laser charging with Huawei?

Huawei told Android Authority that devices that need to be charged using this method require a specific sensor. “Think of the receptor like a miniature solar cell,” he explained, reminiscent of solar-powered pocket calculators.

The company added that it has yet to determine the maximum charging speed or the maximum number of devices that can be charged simultaneously using this technology. In other words, it seems we are still a while away from bringing this technology to life. When should we expect it?

“It is estimated that phones will likely be around in two to three generations,” Huawei said.

It looks like we’ll have to wait a long time, but it could prove to be a killer feature if the company can solve the big technical and usability challenges.

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