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HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE 2020 | Fashion Italia

HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE 2020: When you are happy, pay attention to it.

As the American writer Kurt Vonnegut suggests, when things are going well, you have to realize it. Except that the happiness Vonnegut speaks of moves away from the ideal model of perfection to which many of us refer. The opportunities to recognize yourself happy are innumerable and very simple, like “drinking a glass of lemonade in the shade of a tree”. What could be more beautiful?


It is to these moments of happiness that we must turn our attention and we can do it today too, in this moment of uncertainty that we are facing.

As it reminds us HUAWEI who invited her community of millions of people around the world to share images of joy and positivity.

NEXT-IMAGE 2020 is the world’s largest photography competition for HUAWEI and HONOR devices: a competition born with the aim of celebrating “the positive power of creativity to bring the world together”, As he points out Isabella Lazzini, Marketing & Retail Director Huawei CBG Italia.

Huawei users are called to share shots taken with the camera of your HUAWEI smartphone. Every moment of shared happiness will give you the chance to win awards, from $ 10,000 to a HUAWEI P40 Pro smartphone. In particular, a jury will select the 5 Italian users who will be able to take part in the final selection of the NEUA-IMAGE Awards Talent HUAWEI Community Sub-Arena of international level.

This year the Community will play an essential role because it will be the main platform for uploading all content. (For more information you can consult this link).

To test your creativity you can choose between five different categories, each of which, in Italy, boasts an exceptional foreman:

  • Mariano Di Vaio – Storyboard : use a series of photos to express your emotions and tell your personal story. The story can include 3 to 9 images.

  • Giulia De Lellis – Portraits : plays with the identities and power of portraiture. Capture the faces of those closest to you.

  • Andrea Damante – Night shots : capture fun moments at night or in a low light environment. Reflect the atmosphere of the moment and unleash your creativity.

  • Beatrice Valli – Hi, life! : An image is worth a thousand words, so capture and share the emotion and inspiration it gives you every single day.

  • Marco Fantini – Shoot from a distance : uses the smartphone’s camera to capture hidden details and different perspectives, both inside and outside.

Influencers are experts in the art of telling your life through the language of mobile photography and for this they can inspire those who take part in the competition.

For the entire duration of the competition Mariano Di Vaio, Giulia De Lellis, Andrea Damante, Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini will be the protagonists of interviews and special contents that will be published on Huawei community, official brand forum and virtual meeting place for 50 thousand users.

A safe space to share photos, learn new knowledge and exchange ideas on games, apps, movies and music. Here they can be consulted video insights, photo tips and meet and greet virtual with the 5 team leaders, led by the presenter Rudy Zerbi. Not to mention that to acquire new photographic skills you can “attend” them digital master classes of Stefano Guindani, photographer e Technical Coach of the Italian NEXT-IMAGE Team, which states: “I am proud to be able to tell and put at the service of all participants the secrets behind the perfect shot and stop stories and emotions over time”.

The talented authors who will be selected to access HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2020, the global smartphone photography competition that received over 520,000 entries last year, will have the opportunity to be evaluated by some of the prominent figures in international photography.

The jury that will decide this year’s winners is made up of: Steve McCurry, Globally known author, Elizaveta Porodina, famous fashion portraitist, Reuben Krabbe, Canadian extreme sports photographer, e Karolina Henke, Swedish photographer with a strong artistic identity. The artists will be joined by Adrew Garrihy, Global Chief Brand Officer of Huawei Consumer Business, e Li Changzhu, deputy Minister of Consumer Strategy Marketing department of HUAWEI CBG.

Those who take part in the contest will help HUAWEI to create a global photo album of positivity and will help generate a beneficial wave that will help people feel closer, despite the physical distance. Moreover, if there is one thing that we have understood well in recent months is that technology can be a valuable aid to our lives.

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