How to Win at Bullseye Balloon (Mini-Game)

The Bullseye Balloon is one of the mini-games available during the Windblume Festival. This guide will show players how to win in Genshin Impact.

The Bullseye Balloon Mini-Game is one of the newer additions to come from Genshin Impact. This guide will show players how they can win this mini-game. Genshin Impact is currently celebrating its Windblume Festival and with it came a slew of mini-games for players to participate in. For example, players can partake in the Peculiar Wonderland mini-game, a mode where players are pitted off against random challenges for stat boosts, and then most face a challenging boss at the end with this stat boost. Although, this is far from the only thing the Windblume Festival has to offer. This guide will show players how they can win the Bullseye Balloon mini-game.

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For starters, players will be able to participate in this mini-game after completing the “Ode to Flower and Cloud” quest. This is the quest that introduces the entire event to the player. Once this is done, meet up with Lizzie on the outside of Mondstadt and see will give the player a few of the Windblume Festival activities. This is also amongst the easier of all the challenges to complete. All the player will need is a bow user and a good eye to complete it. Here is how players can win the Bullseye Balloon mini-game challenge.

How To Win The Bullseye Balloon Mini-Game Challenge in Genshin Impact

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For this event, players will need to reach a specific number of points to win. The Mona tier requires 1000 points, the Jean tier requires 1800 points and the Venti tier requires 2600 points. The player does not need to play these characters to participate. Once you have your bow user, the game will send the player to the tip of Stormbearer Point and balloons will begin to spawn. Here is what each balloon is worth.

  • Green Balloon: Small amount of points.
  • Orange Balloon: A large number of points.
  • Celebration Balloon: Destroys all nearby balloons.
  • Heartbreak Balloon: Deducts points from your score.

Overall, players will want to aim for both the Green and Orange balloons as often as possible, prioritizing the orange balloons when they appear. Try to not and get to trigger happy since one mistake can cause the player to lose tons of points. Just focus your attacks and shoot with accuracy. Later Bullseye mini-games will be added to the game so make sure to stay on top of them. Completing these tasks comes along with seasonal points and Primogems to collect.

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Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PlayStation 4.

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