How to Wash the Hair with Reetha or Soap Nut

Wash the Hair with Reetha

Reetha to wash the hair sounds good! Reetha, which is also known as soap nut is very beneficial for hair. Soap nuts are round hollow nuts with black dense seeds in them. The outer layer which is a dark brownish in color is the part that we use for the hair care products. That part is rich in vitamins, minerals etc which is why we use that to wash the hair. Reetha produces gentle lathers due to the presence of saponins which help to cleanse the scalp and hair properly.

How to wash the hair with Reetha

You can utilize the reetha to prepare a homemade shampoo to wash the hair or use reetha water conditioner by using some reetha powder to further add shine and natural luster on the hair. So we will share both the recipes of reetha shampoo and reetha water conditioner.

1. Reetha Shampoo for hair

Take 7-8 reetha or soap nuts and 5 cups of water. It is better to take the seeds out of the reetha before putting them in water. Put 5-6 pods of shikkakai as well in it.

Put that in a saucepan and let the water boil. When the water reaches half, put off the flame and leave it to cool down.

Mash the reetha with hands so that the entire essence gets in the water. This is your reetha shampoo. Use this shampoo enriched with reetha to wash the hair.

How to use this: To wash the hair with this reetha shampoo, gently rub the scalp with this water and your hair as well. Reetha help to produce gentle lathers which eventually remove the dirt, oils and grease from the scalp. Use clear water and rinse the hair.

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2. Reetha powder conditioner to wash the hair

Take around 2 teaspoonful of reetha powder and add 2 cups of water. Reetha powder is available in stores.

Boil this for 10 minutes. Then strain this liquid infused with the goodness of reetha.

This water is your reetha homemade conditioner which you will be use to wash and condition the hair.

How to use: To wash the hair with reetha conditioner. Take some and apply on the scalp and hair, covering every strand. Massage this gently and let the gentle lathers of reetha clean your hair naturally. Keep massaging and rubbing for 3-5 minutes. Then leave it for 1 minute. After that wash the hair with clear water, this will remove the dirt and impurities off the hair and scalp. Saponins in reetha are capable of cleaning scalp and hair. This reetha water will also condition your hair to add a natural shine.

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Benefits of washing the hair using reetha

Once you have washed the hair with reetha water as we have mentioned in the recipes above, you will notice that the hair are more manageable and there is a softness in your hair.

After continuously using any of these recipes with reetha to wash the hair, for the next couple of time, the hair will become stronger and healthier.

This conditions the dry and damaged hair also. But for very dry and curly hair, I will suggest that you should also try curd hair mask which help to combat the excessive dryness of the scalp and hair.

So, do you wash the hair with reetha? If not why dont you start soon to get the amazing benefits of reetha for your hair.

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