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How to Walk in Heels – In Shoe Or Not

How to Walk in Heels – In Shoe Or Not

How to walk in heels is not something that you need to worry about when wearing them for the first time. However, you will find that as you continue to wear them, they start to feel uncomfortable and the skin on your feet will begin to press into the floor of the shoe. The pressure will create pain that is usually in the buttock or the thigh area.

This problem will occur because the joints in your feet will be rubbing on the floor of the shoes which is a result of the raised heel. Do not let this happen because if you wear heels for long periods of time, your feet will become stressed. This is especially true if you are doing physical activities such as running.

How to Walk in Heels
How to Walk in Heels

So, how do you walk in heels? It is best to stay in the same place as you were standing when you first walked into the store. You want to walk forward slightly and then turn a bit to the left. Continue to walk in that way until you get to your destination.

You should make sure that you walk in a natural manner when wearing heels. You should avoid walking too fast because it puts undue pressure on your feet. Make sure that you use your non-dominant foot when walking in heels so that you do not override.

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Shoes that have heel elevators can also be a great option for those who wear high heels most of the time. These are common on high heels and will actually help keep your feet comfortable and prevent back or knee pain. These can also give your heels some additional lift and will give you a wider range of motion when walking.

You may also want to consider a less intrusive solution to learning how to walk in heels. Just take off your heels, put on some thin socks, and walk around in them for a few minutes. This will improve blood circulation to your feet, making them feel more relaxed.

Don’t Overpronate When Walking in Heels. If you overpronate your feet, your feet will be too sensitive and they will hurt. Try walking without shoes for awhile to see if this helps.

If you normally wear a pair of dressy slippers that are two sizes too small, change to something more spacious in your footwear before you start wearing heels. As your feet get used to being roomier, they will be able to take a little more punishment without hurting themselves.

It is important to understand that heels may not be the right footwear for you if you have other health conditions. You should consult with your doctor if you are concerned about wearing heels and what they have to say about it. If your doctor feels that you should wear them, you may want to stick with thinner and lighter dress shoes.

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You should be aware that there are some fine points that you need to know when it comes to learning how to walk in heels. For instance, they can be uncomfortable and even painful if you are wearing them all day. They may also limit your range of motion, which can cause many aches and pains in your feet.

Before you buy your shoes, find out exactly what will work best for you. If you have a larger foot you will be able to stretch your shoes by a bit. If you have smaller feet, you can get a wider toe box so that the shoes will fit snugly in your feet.

How to walk in heels doesn’t have to be difficult. It is important that you know the correct way to wear them and learn to adjust your feet to fit properly. Follow these tips and you will find that wearing heels is much easier than you ever imagined.

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