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How To Use Snoopreport For Instagram Tracking

How To Use Snoopreport For Instagram Tracking

Instagram is now the fastest-growing popular social media platform. Each day more people are joining this platform, and millions of users are generating content in billions. With time Instagram has added new features and removed some old ones. People want to know about the activity of some other users.

Instagram did have some features earlier that used to help in the tracking, but they have been phased out now. The need for third-party applications has risen with this problem, and one such application called the Snoopreport is now helping people in their endeavors. So let us check out how Snoopreport can help in tracking accounts on Instagram.


Snoopreport is an Instagram tracking tool that helps in monitoring selected accounts. It monitors the selected Instagram accounts and generates a comprehensive report of the activity undertaken. The monitoring report includes likes, comments, and follows of individual and business accounts.

For many users, it is worthwhile to see what someone likes on Instagram, what they comment on, etc.

How can Snoopreport be used?

The procedure of using Snoopreport is pretty straightforward. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to start using Snoopreport.

  • The first step is to create an account. You need to visit the website of Snoopreport and Sign-up from their homepage. Add your email id and create your password.
  • After registration, you will be redirected to your dashboard, your gateway to all the monitoring. You will need to add all the accounts that you want to monitor on this step. Please remember to separate the accounts by a comma each if you are entering multiple accounts. One word of advice here, Snoopreport can only monitor public accounts.
  • The next step is to buy a time package. The time package will be used to track the account for the duration you want. If you have added only one account, the entire time package is used to monitor that account. However, if you have added more than one account, you can divide the time package amongst the selected accounts, as per your preference.
  • When the time allocation is complete, the monitoring will start automatically. If you add some new accounts at a later date, you will need to buy more time. Allocate the time package accordingly amongst those accounts to monitor those accounts.
  • The last step is to wait till the report is available. You will need to choose the time frame of your monitoring report, and it will be available accordingly.

The report generated by Snoopreport is expansive, and a bulk of it is dedicated to the likes made by the user. This includes the photos and videos the user liked, along with the user that posted them. You will also get to know the changes in the engagement of the user with other accounts. There are some additional features like follows and comments monitoring. It is also possible to download reports in PDF and CSV formats. You can also generate group reports if you want.

Overall, Snoopreport is a good tool for people who want to monitor certain accounts and has good potential as a competitor analysis tool for businesses.

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