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How to use Delphi method to study binge drinking in UK?

How to use Delphi method to study binge drinking in UK?

Delphi method, also known as the Delphi Technique, is a self-hypnosis technique that can be used to study binge drinking in UK. This method was invented by Abraham Delbridge and used in the nineteenth century by some of the British psychologists. As far as I know, this method was not widely used in the United States until World War II when the US president Roosevelt and the dean of Harvard Medical School first discovered its uses.

Delphi method

The method is used by preparing the subjects for an unconscious state. It consists of rehearsing a few sentences while feeling their heart beat. It then starts to stimulate the subject’s subconscious mind through different mental methods.

Verbal and imagery techniques are used to prepare the subject. Speech is considered to be one of the most effective ways of hypnotizing an individual. The patients, with Delphi Method hypnosis techniques, can easily communicate with people around them by speaking the words and feeling their heartbeat.

Delphi technique

While talking to the subject about their current problems, first of all, the Delphi technique starts to relax the person. He feels a lot of tension leaving his body. After the relaxing process, the subject starts to talk about his present problems, such as his job, money, or family, or others, in order to form a story.

After the subject tells the story, he is also made to feel a lot of tension leaving his body. Through these methods, the deluxe method forces the subconscious mind to believe that the subject is still a human being. Therefore, with the help of the Delphi method, the subject can easily form an idea of what he or she really needs.

Delphi method

The way of using the Delphi method is also different from the others. With other techniques, the patient is asked to imagine himself or herself at a particular place, such as the beach or mountains, which is very easy. However, the subject of the Delphi method is not allowed to do so as he or she is not supposed to be influenced by imagination.

In the Delphi method, the patient is asked to ask himself or herself what he or she really needs. It will also be necessary to tell him or her what they need and describe their situation, without the use of imagination. The patient will have to imagine and feel what he or she really needs and describe his situation.

After the subject has imagined the things that he or she needs, he or she is then asked to describe his situation to others. In order to make the subject believe that he or she really needs a particular thing, some tips are given to him or her. These tips will help the subject to concentrate on describing his problem.

Subconscious Mind

After the subject has described his problem and believes that he or she really needs a certain thing, the Delphi method will be used to activate the subconscious mind. After a short interval, the subject will have to describe his or her situation to others. The next step will be to tell others what he or she really needs.

The method will end when the subject cannot anymore describe his or her situation. The subject will then be totally relaxed and he or she will be able to do anything he or she wants. The subject, who has been under the influence of the Delphi method, will soon become a non-alcoholic.

The deluxe method of how to use the Delphi technique is based on the idea that a subject’s inner mind is very powerful and that it should be listened to. at all times.

Delphi method is quite an effective way of learning about alcohol. subjects have to be trained to use it and they should understand that they can stop whenever they want to.

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