How to Apply Bleach Cream on Face, Underarms, Body (Procedure)

how to use bleach cream at home

How to Use Bleach Cream on Face and the Benefits of Bleaching

Bleaching cream is used to lighten the facial hair. When your facial hairs are lightened they get matched with your skin and your skin looks fairer. We go to salons or parlors to get the facial bleaching done. Bleaching is not only done on your face but it can also be applied on your hands, legs, back, neck etc. There are lots of brands that makes facial bleaching creams in India like VLCC, Fem, OxyGlow, Olivia etc. There are bleaches like Gold bleach, Diamond bleach, pearl silver, fruit and regular ones. There are oxy bleach creams also available which gives the dull skin boost of oxygen.

When you get bleach done on the face at parlor, it can be expensive even that of the price of the entire bleach cream kit. Therefore, it will be good and money saving,if you can apply bleach yourself at home. It is easy do at home. Once you have applied it, you’ll not face any problems using the bleaching cream kits on your own. There are certain steps like what to do after bleach cream application or how to use pre and post bleach cream. This step by step guide is pretty easy to follow and almost all of the bleaching creams from various brands work in a similar way. Post bleaching the facial skin, it is also advisable to do home facials and we have also written on to mix bleach cream

Contents in a bleaching cream kit

In most of the bleaching cream kits. You will receive the 2 basic skin bleaching products.
  • Cream
  • Activator powder
  • Pre Bleach Cream (optional product)
  • Post Bleach cream (optional product)

What are Pre and Post Bleach Creams?

Now a days, pre-bleaching cream and post bleaching creams are also included. But what exactly they do? These added products imparts glow on the skin and some of them have ingredients and composition that helps in lessening any rashes, redness or the itching post application of face bleach. You can see the difference in your skin before bleach and after as well as they can minimize the skin issues afterwards. So, if you are thinking is it better to bleach your skin? Then we say yes, it is because the current generation of bleach creams are a lot safer, when used properly.

How to Apply Bleach Cream on Face At Home: Method

1. Cleansing the face

First of all, you should wash your face with a cleanser like face wash. Do not use cleansing milk as face washes are good to be used before the bleaching as they take up dirt and every impurities thoroughly, leaving the skin squeaky clean.

2. Applying the Pre-Bleach Cream

As we said, now days, a lot of bleach creams are coming up with the pre and post bleach creams. So, if you have got the pre-bleach cream in your kit then apply that on the face after face washing. Gently massage the Pre Bleach cream and leave it for a minute.

3. How to Mix Bleaching Cream for Skin

In the meanwhile, when you have your Pre-bleach cream on the face, you can prepare your bleach cream mixture. Follow these simple steps to prepare:

  • Take 2 scoops of bleach cream in a bowl
  • Bowl made of plastic or glass works the best
  • Do not use metal utensils or bowls
  • Add 2-3 pinches of the powder activator
  • Mix both of them well with the tiny spatula that comes along or else mix with your fingers.

how to mix bleach cream on face

4. Bleach Cream Application

Now, it’s time to apply the bleach cream on your face. You can apply this with the help of spatula or your fingers. Using fingers is the best as spatula does not give an even application. Apply the bleaching cream all over the face. And some on the neck as well. Avoid the areas like eye brows, mouth and too close to under the eyes. If some of the cream gets over these places then take a cloth and wipe off. If you’re thinking how to use gold bleach cream, this is the same method.

5. How Long to keep Bleach Cream

Wait for 15 minutes, if you have fair to medium complexion or just for 10 minutes if your skin color is dusky. It can do mild tingling but this is normal as it means that your bleach is working.

6. Removing the Bleach off the face

So, how do you remove the bleach? Removing the bleach cream with the help of a cloth or tissue paper first then you can wash the face. Washing the face without removing the bleach cream can be messy this is why we recommend that wipe out the cream with towel or tissue first. Apply a gentle moisturizer afterwards.

If you’re thinking, how to use bleaching cream on underarms, then follow the same procedure and apply on the underarms but keep for 20 minutes at least. Then wash off. the same process is followed for the body parts like hands, legs, arms etc.

Now let’s us answer some very common questions regarding the bleach cream procedure and application.

What to do after bleach cream removing?

After that you can apply a post bleach cream that is there in the kit or just use a light moisturizer. You can then proceed to the facial steps or leave like that if you do not wish to do facials.

How often to bleach?

A lot of readers ask us, how often in a month they can apply bleach cream? The answer is pretty simple. You should not use bleach cream more than twice in a month for normal skin and for sensitive skin use only once in a month.

How to cure rashes and bleach burns on face?

At times, when you take more than the required quantity or you have sensitive skin, then there can be red rashes or some burning sensation. So, how to treat that?

  1. You can apply some pure aloe vera gel on the face. Leave it for 30 minutes then wash off
  2. Apply a mixture of cucumber juice with some roe water. Make sure they are cold or chilled.
  3. An ice cube can also work well. Just rub the ice over the affected part and leave to get rid of the bleaching cream burns and rashes.

Some care to be take while applying bleaching cream

  1. It is best to use the bleach cream in the evening. This is because, while you sleep and your skin is prevented from the direct sun contact for the next 7-8 hours.
  2. For dark skin color, never leave the bleach cream for more than 10 – 12 minutes. Else the facial hair will get too light making them even more visible against your dark skin color.
  3. After bleaching your face, you should not use any face cleanser for the next 6-7 hours. This will reduce the effect of bleaching.
  4. If you are using the bleaching cream for the first time or using a new brand, then apply the cream near the ear as well.
  5. Y must  do a patch test to verify if the bleach is safe for your skin type.
  6. If your skin is oily, then do check these 10 best bleach creams for oily skin in India

how to use bleach cream

Benefits of Using Bleaching cream on face

  1. Bleaching helps to lighten the facial hair so that they are not visible much
  2. This makes the skin looks fairer and smoother and also fades dark spots
  3. Bleaching the skin also takes off the dead skin layer which makes the skin glow
  4. It helps to take off sun tanning and marks off the skin.
  5. Skin bleach also loosen ups the deeply embedded blackheads and stubborn whiteheads. Hence, you can then easily remove them
  6. Bleaching also improves the skin complexion by getting rid of the dead skin cells
  7. The process of bleaching makes the sebaceous glands lesser active

Disadvantages or Side Effects of Face Bleach creams

  1. Bleach has chemical like ammonia hence do not use them too frequently once in 3 weeks or month is okay.
  2. If you leave the bleach for too long then the skin can get rashes thus you should follow the instructions that we shared earlier.
  3. Bleach on the face can give you skin whitening and skin lightening if you follow the steps correctly.
  4. If your skin is sensitive then do not use bleach cream as that can make the face red and there can be tiny bumps.

So, this is how to use a bleaching cream on your face at the home on your own. This will definitely save you money and will also make you habitual to the routine.

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