How to Unlock the Among Us Skins in Fall Guys Season 4

Fall Guys Season 4 includes a crossover with popular social deduction game Among Us with two new skins. Each has a crewmate and Impostor version.

The beans are entering the future in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 4: Fall Guys 4041, and the release of the new season brings new games, a new Fame Path, and the highly anticipated Among Us crossover. When the Fall Guys Season 4 trailer dropped, players recognized a familiar red spaceman as one of the iconic crewmates from InnerSloth’s Among Us. Fall Guys Season 4’s crossover with the popular social deduction party game introduces two new skins for players to unlock. The first is the red spacesuit with a cracked egg on the head, aptly called Eggy Head, and the second is the purple spacesuit with a plant on the head. These skins also each have two variants: crewmate and Impostor.

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The red Among Us spacesuit in Fall Guys is considered a Rare skin and is accessible alongside other new Season 4 skins via the Fame Path, which is Fall Guys‘ Battle Pass system. The purple skin is Legendary and has not yet been released. While there is no word yet about how players will unlock the purple skin, the Eggy Head skin is not difficult to unlock and can be obtained just by playing on the Fame Path. In addition, the Impostor skin is a hidden feature that doesn’t require extra steps to access. Here’s how to unlock the Among Us skins in Fall Guys Season 4.

How to Unlock the Eggy Head Skin in Fall Guys Season 4

Starting now with the launch of Fall Guys Season 4, players can work toward unlocking the Eggy Head red Among Us outfit. Like other skins in Fall Guys, the red Among Us crossover spacesuit comes as separate top and bottom pieces. Players earn each half by progressing through the Battle Pass ranks. They unlock the lower half by reaching rank 21 on the Fame Path, and they will unlock the top half when they reach rank 26.

Right now, there has been no official word from developers about the Legendary purple Among Us crossover skin. Historically, Legendary skins are available on rotation in the Item Shop, with the top and bottom halves costing a number of Crowns. It is possible the new Among Us skin will have the same availability. While nothing is official, it may be a good idea for players to begin earning and saving some Crowns now, just in case.

How to Get the Among Us Impostor Skin Variant in Fall Guys Season 4

Fall Guys Among Us crossover crewmate and Impostor skin variants

There is not a separate way to unlock the Impostor variant for the red and purple Among Us skins in Fall Guys Season 4. Instead, the Impostor variants are built into the skins, and players will unlock them the same time as they unlock the crewmate version.

Players cannot choose to equip the Impostor skin and play as these devious characters at-will. Instead, when they join a Fall Guys match wearing an Among Us skin, they will always have a chance of their skin changing to the variant style, allowing them to become the Impostor. This switch occurs randomly, so it may take a few matches wearing the crewmate version of an Among Us skin for the Impostor to finally show up.

The Impostor variant of each Among Us skin has a giant, gaping maw with nine sharp teeth on the stomach and cracks across the faceplate glass to emulate the look of Among Us Impostors. It will not appear in any menus or anywhere outside a match, so players wanting to see it will need to have patience and keep their Among Us costume on for several matches in a row until their turn to be Impostor comes.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on PlayStation 4 and PC with plans to launch on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2021.

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