How to Unlock (& Play) Peculiar Wonderland

Peculiar Wonderland is the newest event happening during the Windblum event. This guide will show players how to play and unlock it in Genshin Impact.

The Peculiar Wonderland is one of the newest events to come to Genshin Impact. This guide will show players how to unlock and play this special event. The Peculiar Wonderland is a part of the new Invitation of Windblume event that came along in version 1.4. Along with this came the Hangout Events that allow players to spend quality time with some of the playable characters in the game. Each character has their own dialogue options that can change the ending with multiple endings to collect. The best part is that players can go back and do the alternate endings to gather everything they can. Now that the Peculiar Wonderland is available, this guide will show players how they can unlock and play it.

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To unlock this event, players will need to have reached Adventure Rank 20 and have completed the “Prologue: Act III – Song of the Dragon and Freedom” quest. Once this is done, players can head over to Mondstadt to pick up the “Ode to Flower and Cloud” quest. Complete this then head to Plauen on the outside of Mondstadt. Speak with him near a glowing blue door and this is how players can participate in the Peculiar Wonderland. Once inside, players will be given 3 random challenges they need to complete. Once this is done, they will face against a boss using the stat boost and perks they have collected during those challenges. Here is how players can play through these events.

How To Play The Peculiar Wonderland in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Bennett

After the player has unlocked the event, they can either play with friends or go through it alone. Once it starts, they will be given 3 challenges at random. Currently, only 5 out of the 8 potential mini-games are available. Here is what players can expect in this event.

  • Windblume Blessing: Players must capture falling flowers before the time runs out and avoid the fake exploding flowers.
  • Stepping Stone Antics: Avoid falling off the platform.
  • Barrage Minuet: Avoid getting hit by the waves of attacks coming from the pillar in the center.
  • The Great Bubble Crash: Run up a ramp and avoid getting hit by large bubbles rolling towards you.
  • One-Way Traffic: Memorize the path that is presented and follow it to the end.

The final three events will be made available later in the month, 1 on March 22nd and 2 on March 28th. Players will want to complete this event to earn Peculiar Collab Coupons. They can then spend this at the event shop.

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Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PlayStation 4.

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