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How to Trim & Shave a Neck Beard to Perfection

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Your beard might be the most stately beard ever, but if you have a messy neckline, it will look unkempt. Trimming your neck beard is easy. It’s all about finding the right line and tidying up your edges. Some hair on your neck can add depth and fullness to a longer beard; however, regular maintenance is still essential. Check out our guide on how to trim your beard to perfection.

What is a neck beard?

A neck beard refers to the hair that grows along the neck and throat of a bearded man. It can often grow faster than other parts of the beard and tends to be more uneven and unruly, due to different growth directions. Neglecting to tidy this area regularly can make you look shabby and disheveled, so it’s important to stay on top of your neck maintenance. Plus, if you’re growing out your beard, trimming your neck beard is also a great opportunity to shape the rest of your beard as it grows.

What is a neck beard

How to shave your neck beard


Trimming your neck beard is the same as trimming any other part of your beard. You’ll need to gather a few supplies, including a comb, clipper or razor, and two mirrors – one stationary and one portable. If you’re growing your beard, you’ll want to check in about once a month for a trim. Alternatively, if you have a short beard, you may need to trim it a bit more regularly.


Define the neckline

The first step in trimming your neck beard is identifying which hairs you want to keep and which ones you need to trim. To do this, you’ll want to imagine a line running from earlobe to earlobe, around the bottom of your face. This line should fall roughly where your head meets your neck, about an inch above your Adam’s apple. Anything below this line should be fine. Use your trimmer or razor to create a clean edge and shave below that line. Keep in mind that if you have a longer beard, this neck beard line may need to sit lower, at the lower edge of your beard. By doing so, you will improve the fullness and depth of your beard. However, shave all the hair below the bottom edge of your beard to keep your look neat and polished.

Define the line of the neck

Take the weight off

The next step is to remove any bulky weight under your chin. If you’re in tune with your beard, you need to know where your fast growing areas are. Often under the chin is one of these areas. Take your trimmer and remove the bulky clumps of hair. You’ll know you’ve done it correctly if, when you lift your chin, the hair forms a straight line from chin to neck.

Take the weight off

Shape the sides and cheeks

Now that you’ve tidied up your beard, you need to make sure your other edges are groomed. Similar to under your chin, your jawline near your ear can also be a fast growing area. To shape your side edges, use your trimmer and trim in line with the back edge of your sideburns, down to the bottom of your beard. This creates a strong line. Depending on your face shape and beard goals, you can leave the bottom edge square or round it. Next comes your cheek lines. Cheek lines vary a lot between people and techniques. The easiest way to start is to follow the natural growth line and simply use your trimmer to tidy up the edge. You can try different alignment techniques, depending on how long you’ve been growing your beard and your goals.

Shape the sides and cheeks

Refine the shape

The final step is to refine the overall shape of your beard. Again, you’ll want to look for longer patches and carefully trim them flush with the rest of your beard. Often these patches will be on the sides of your face. If you have a mustache, you can also trim the top of your upper lip to refine that edge as well. Then, when you’re happy with the overall shape, massage with beard oil or beard balm, to add moisture and hold for styling.

Refine the shape

How to Trim a Neck Beard


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