How to Treat Dark Circles with Potatoes Quickly At Home

potatoes to cure dark circles under the eyes

Treat dark circles with potatoes

Dark circles make you look tired and as if you haven’t slept properly for days. You may have heard we girls saying that they have to take their beauty sleep, with that we mean that sleep is important since when we sleep our skin and body rejuvenates and heals itself. Dark circles can also be caused due to some liver problems, stress, vitamin deficiencies and some other medical conditions. Dark circle is also a beauty concern for both men and women equally so no one wants darkness under the eyes which makes us look older than we actually are, but do you know you don’t have to shell money on expensive under eye creams for dark circles, rather you can use potatoes for treating the dark circles. Yes guys, this is true, potatoes are potential enough to treat your dark circles easily at home.

How to use potatoes for dark circles treatment?

This is a very easy and quick recipe that you will like to try. Potatoes are natural bleach for the skin therefore they will gradually lighten the darkness and blue shadows under the eyes. This will make the eyes look brighter. So, what you have to do.

  1. Take a potato and wash it to get rid of any dust on it. Then cut a slice from the side. Cut 2-3 thin slices only.
  2. You can they keep the rest of the potato in the refrigerator. Potatoes are not that expensive but we should not waste the food item, so put that in the refrigerator.
  3. You have to rub those slices over the eyelids and under the eyes. You will notice that the potato slice have enough of the potato juice to be smeared over the eyelids and the under eye area. So, apply that and go to bed, take your beauty sleep.
  4. You can wash the face in the morning. This has to used daily. Other than that, you will have to use an eye cream while you go in the sun to protect the delicate eye areas. If you do not have an eye cream than apply a light moisturiser or serum though (eye cream/serum is recommended)
  5. The potato that you have kept in the refrigerator will get dark from the place you have cut because of the presence of iron in it, which you can cut off and again cut 2-3 slices, the next day.

Second remedy for dark circles treatment

tomato to cure acne scars and marks featured 2

So, this was the first remedy, the second remedy is also very effective in lightening the dark circles under the eyes using the potato.

  1. For this you need to rub the potato slice over the eyes and under the eyes.
  2. After that you have to take a slice of tomato and apply some tomato juice over that so that this boosts the efficiency of the treatment.
  3. This also has to be done while you go to bed. Leaving this overnight will give good results.

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Cucumber with Potatoes to treat Dark Circles

potatoes to cure dark circles under the eyes with cucumber juice

Another remedy to cure the dark circles using potatoes is this remedy that needs cucumber as well.

  1. You will need ½ teaspoonful of potato juice and ½ teaspoonful of cucumber juice.
  2. To extract the juice, just grate the potato little bit. You will see that in the crushed potato the juice is there, similarly grate a small piece of cucumber and grate it and the juice will be there when you squeeze the grated potato and cucumber.
  3. So mix both potato and cucumber juice and apply all over the eyes and over the dark circles, if you have some acne scar, you may apply this juice over those as well.
  4. Leave this overnight. Rinse the face in the morning.

Now, it is up to you which remedy using potatoes for the treatment for dark circles you try but make sure you do them daily to see good results. Be patient and within 2-3 weeks you will see good results. You can also see some amazing home remedies to treat dark inner thighs

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