How to Track the Easter Bunny

How to Track the Easter Bunny

Who doesn’t love the Easter Bunny? Every spring the generous rabbit dares to deliver from his workshop Sweets, Toys, and Eggs to boys and girls around the world. But because this is such an extraordinary achievement, many children wonder how the rabbit can do it and in what order it makes its rounds.

Enter: the Easter bunny tracker, an easy way to follow the Easter Bunny on his journey. No matter what you have planned for Easter, chasing the Easter Bunny is an easy way to expand the magic of this whimsical spring holiday. It is also the easiest way to get children excited about what will come on Easter morning (read: on overflowing Easter basket filled with all your favorite treats).

How to Track the Easter Bunny

To track the Easter Bunny, you just have to visit the Easter Bunny Tracker website. The website is sometimes overloaded with traffic. In this case, you can click on the website Backup site of the tracker. The tracker starts at 5 a.m. on Easter Eve or Saturday, April 11, and follows the hourly movement of the rabbit. It also shows how many deliveries the rabbit makes, which place he last visited, how fast he is and how many carrots he has eaten.

Because the Easter Bunny Tracker collects so much data, the website also has tons of interesting insights on the typical route of the Easter Bunny. According to legend, the Easter bunny lives on Easter Island, although nobody knows exactly where his workshop is. Historically, its first stop is Christmas Island. American Samoa is often his last stop.

Is the Easter Bunny definitely coming this year?

The little ones should not be afraid that the Easter bunny will come this year. The Easter Bunny tracker found that the Easter Bunny is still delivering baskets and eggs. And like all of us, the rabbit takes extra precautions like washing your hands regularly and covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze. That’s all to say, the bunny does everything to ensure that this Easter is as magical as ever!

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