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How to Take CBD Oil for health issues under prescription

How to Take CBD Oil for health issues under prescription

There seems to be some amount of confusion as to just what CBD oil is and how it can be used to treat a wide variety of ailments. Unfortunately, many people still labor under the impression that CBDs and THC have the same effect on a person and that CBD oil may not be legal in states that don’t allow for the medical or recreational use of cannabis.

They are actually two very different things and this is what should be understood before looking at how to take CBD oil. The difference between CBDs and THC is that CBDs don’t have any psychoactive properties and they aren’t mind altering substances. They work in a number of ways for different uses.

Oil for health issues

Four Different Methods of Delivery

There are four basic ways in which to take CBD oil, but not every method works as well for all the various symptoms cannabidiol can treat. Those methods of delivery include:

  1. Inhalation
  2. Sublingual
  3. Topical
  4. Ingestion

Inhalation can either be accomplished by smoking or vaping while sublingual refers to placing a drop or two under the tongue and both methods offer almost immediate results. Small capillaries under the tongue and in the lungs absorb the active constituents quickly, carrying the medicinal properties throughout the body. Topical applications take time to be absorbed as does swallowing a pill, tincture or edible. Depending on what you are trying to treat, one method may be much more effective than another.

Uses for CBD Oil

There is something else which you should understand when looking for the type of CBD delivery best suited to your needs. Here is what many people don’t understand. It would be the difference between hemp and marijuana. The difference is that all marijuana is hemp but not all hemp can be classified as marijuana. They are of the same species of botanicals, but marijuana typically contains THC (which is the mind-altering substance), while hemp plants do not.

Even then, some marijuana has been genetically bred over time so that there is a much higher concentration of CBDs than THC. The kind of CBD oil you are looking for which is legal to use would be formulated from hemp. To see which kind you should be using for your particular ailment, check out CBDsense  for hemp oil products, CBD capsules and more. On sites like this you can find everything from products for pain relief to those for skincare.

What to Look For

The bottom line is that you need to know what you are trying to accomplish. For fast relief of pain and/or nausea, sublingual delivery may be the fastest along with vaping/inhalation. If you are suffering from skin ailments or inflammation, topical applications may be best. Those who have trouble with insomnia or are stressed over large portions of the day may do best by taking capsules because they are absorbed slower over a longer period of time. What kind of relief or results are you seeking? Once you can answer this, you’ll know how to take CBD oil for what ails you.

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